10 Cheats for WhatsApp

10 Tips For Using Whatsapp
10 Tips For Using Whatsapp

Learn these simple and practical WhatsApp tricks that will make you an expert.

10 Tips for Using WhatsApp as an Expert

Do you want to look like a true teacher with your message application ?. You need to learn these easy  WhatsApp tricks that will help you be the star of your contacts. Make the most of what is surely the most used messaging system in these times

1. Know who received your messages in a group

Do you want to know who in the group have received and read your message ? In the same chat press on what you sent without releasing, until the menu appears, above the conversation. You will see a button with the letter “i”. When you touch it, it will be shown who has received the message, and who has read it. This can be done by any member of a group, even if they are not the administrator.

2. How to add administrators to a group in WhatsApp

If you are tired of managing only one group and having to add contacts when asked, make other members also administrators.

From the group chat, open the menu, click on “View Group Information”, and by pressing and holding the name of those you want to add as administrators, choose “Make Group Admin”.

“In any WhatsApp chat, touch and hold on your message, open the” i “of information, and you will see what time it was received and what time it was read.”

3. How to see what time they read your message

This action is also useful to know if someone is ignoring you in WhatsApp.

In any chat, touch and hold on your message, open the “i” of information, and you can see what time it was received and what time it was read.

Do you want to know how to read the messages without your contacts knowing, but without turning off the double popcorn? It’s easy: activate the WhatsApp widget on your Smartphone (from the menu, Settings, Widgets) and you can see it completely from the main screen of your mobile, without opening the application.

4. Send messages to several without creating a group in WhatsApp

If you need to send the same message to many people, but without configuring a group, this WhatsApp trick will be useful.

Go to Settings, choose New Broadcast, open the contact list (the “+” button), and choose the ones you want to receive your message there. It will seem that a new group has been created, when in fact it is a “diffusion” that allows you, everything that you write and send, is received by those you indicated, and your answers will only go to your account.

5. How to use WhatsApp on your computer

The app has released an official platform, and you only have to access the WhatsAppWeb on your computer.

On your mobile, go to the Options menu, and tap on WhatsApp Web. You will see that a code reader appears. Update your computer screen to see a personal code, scan it with your mobile, and you already have the connection established. Very practical!

6. How to send a WhatsApp chat to your email

You can back up your conversations by sending them by email. Go to Settings, Chat Settings, and choose Send Mail Chat. Choose the chat you want to send and define whether or not you want to attach the files of that conversation.

7. Enlarge font size

Did your glasses break and you can not read your messages? No problem, you just need to enlarge the size of the letters. Go to Settings – Chat Settings, and set the Font Size, Small, Medium, or Large.

And since we are talking about the aspect, personalize WhatsApp by changing the wallpaper. Go to Settings,

Did you know that you can use WhatsApp on your computer? Too easy!

“If you need to send the same message to many people, but without setting up a group, choose New Broadcast, open the contact list, and choose the ones you want to receive your message.”

Is your mobile running out of capacity because you get tons of pictures and videos in your messages? You can choose the storage method very easily: enter Settings, then go to Chat Settings, and disable the Auto Save Files option.

You can also define when to save this content according to your connection, either by mobile data or WiFi . Just go to Settings, then Chat Settings, and there in Automatic Multimedia Download, setting what contents will be downloaded automatically from both options.

9. Creating a Shortcut to a Conversation

Sure you have contacts you talk to more than others. If you want to surprise your friends with your skills, one

From the chat with a contact or a group, press to open the menu, then More, and there in Create Direct Access. You will see the shortcut on the desktop of your mobile.

10. How to change numbers without losing WhatsApp contacts

Are you going to change your number and are afraid to lose all your activity in the application? No way. Just go to Settings, then Account Information, and choose Switch to Another Number. Problem solved!

Now that you know these WhatsApp tricks , you are sure to become an expert and you will get the most out of this popular messaging application.



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