10 Foods with Pain Fighting Ingredients


Pain is bad, yet it is both important and unwanted. Pain is the best symptom if you need some motivation for a quick doctor visit, however in most cases, people do not visit doctors – they seek some quick medicine for pain relief. Some of these medicines are pain killers who are pretty bad for our overall health. They have side effects that create problems in the long run.

Foods with Pain Fighting Ingredients

Food That Helps In Fighting Pain

Pain is helpful as a symptom, but the shortcoming with pain is that it is not under our direct control. It does not go away by just wishing so.

Here, in this article, we are going to cover some foods that help in fighting pain.

Garlic – Garlic hits the top spot among spices when it comes to lowering back pain – that is if you can stand its taste. One has to eat just one or two cloves of raw garlic in the very morning before you eat anything else. Its taste is enough to ensure a bad morning mood, but in the long run, it will help you in lowering back pain.

Green Tea – You must have heard about the weight loss, antioxidants properties and other benefits of drinking green tea, but here, we are presenting you with yet another benefit of green tea. Green tea has shown to help cartilage and bone growth thus helping in pain relief against arthritis.

Mint – You must have tasted peppermint at some point in your life and am sure you have liked its taste. This is because of menthol which is present in the mint that gives a sense of freshness, and it also helps in treating muscle pain, headaches, etc.

Papaya – Among fruits, papaya is known to beat pain and provide relief as it contains an enzyme called papain.

Olive oil – an excellent pain reliever as contains properties which help in pain relieving and anti-inflammation.

Cherries – This is one of those foods that do not require any benefits to be eaten as the taste alone is enough for someone to eat it. However, cherries, along with a lot of other health benefits, are also a pain reliever.

Berries – Let it be strawberry, blackberry, blueberries, raspberries as these contains some of the most powerful antioxidants which help in lowering pain.

Salmon – Salmon, sardines, etc. are fish that are rich in omega3 fatty acids which are some of the best foods that help in keeping a good and fit backbone. With omega3, the blood flow improves, and thus important minerals are transported to the last of the bones in the backbone.

Walnuts – For those that are vegetarians who can’t eat salmon to get omega3 fatty acids can use walnuts as a replacement, as these contains plenty of omega3 fatty acids.

Spinach – Spinach contains vitamin K which is excellent in fighting pain. Eat a bit of spinach along with other foods during lunch to gain its many other health benefits along with pain-fighting.

There is no limit in finding foods that can help to fight pain, be it spices like turmeric or ginger or drinks as simple as coffee and cranberry juice or perhaps even yogurt or pumpkin seeds.


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