2 Desserts Suitable for Celiacs


Learn how to prepare delicious desserts suitable for celiacs, Enjoy with pleasure and health in any occasion.

2 Celery Dessert Recipes

Making desserts for celiacs and people with sensitivity or intolerance Gluten can be a real challenge. The gluten-free kitchen should Observe not only that each ingredient is free from this component, but That both ingredients and utensils have not been exposed in no time to products that do have gluten.

Learn how to prepare these two delicious dessert recipes for celiacs Surely, so that those cravings for eating something sweet do not Have deprived of the best.

Mascarpone and chocolate truffles, gluten-free

The first of the desserts for celiacs that we propose is a Marvel that will delight the whole family alike. They are tasty Truffles of mascarpone cheese and chocolate, with ingredients free of Gluten … and guilty!

These truffles taste sensational and are a great idea for a table Desserts for coeliacs.

“Gluten-free cooking should not only observe that each ingredient is Free of TACC, but that both ingredients and utensils have not Exposed to products that do have gluten. ”

To prepare this dessert, you will need:

– 2 measures/tablespoons of chocolate coating (chocolate to melt without gluten)
– 150 grams mascarpone cheese
– 50 grams of gluten-free butter
– 50 grams of icing sugar (powdered, powdered)
-Chocolate powder or grated coconut for the cover

To prepare this dessert for celiacs, it begins by fusing the Chocolate coating to the bathroom or in the microwave. Can Use the one that you like, always corroborating that it is without TACC. In the Half of the task (it has already begun to merge, but not yet entirely) Add butter at room temperature, and continue to melt with Be careful not to burn the ingredients. Already ready, stir to integrate and Fresh mascarpone cheese and powdered sugar, sifted to To prevent lumps from forming.

Once this is all well integrated, take lots (tablespoons) and form Pellets, cooling the preparation in the refrigerator for a few minutes if necessary. When you have formed the truffles, make them roll for the Chocolate Powder or the grated coconut, and it takes to the refrigerator until the moment of to serve.

Almond biscuit and chocolate for celiacs

The second of our tasty desserts for celiac and intolerant to Gluten is a rich cake or almond sponge, completely free Of TACC. To prepare you will need:

– 200 grams of gluten-free flour or mixture for celiacs (you can Prepare it by sifting rice and manioc flour, and adding a part Of corn starch)
– 100 grams of gluten-free butter
– 100 grams of chocolate turrón suitable for celiacs
– 100 grams almond turrón suitable for coeliacs
– 150 grams of whipped cream to take some texture
– 1 pot (200 grams) of natural yogurt without TACC
– 50 grams of common sugar
– 1 on (15 grams) of gluten-free yeast, for desserts, if you get it
– 3 whole eggs
– 1 pinch of salt

Always remember to check that all the ingredients of your dishes and Desserts for celiacs are gluten-free

To prepare this gluten-free cake, preheat the oven to 170 ° C / 338 ° F and beat eggs in a bowl with sugar until they take A lighter color. Add yogurt and butter to ointment (well
Soft) and continue beating until you notice that the preparation is unified and takes a creamy consistency.

Instead of cutting squares, you can prepare the two flavors of dessert
Gluten-free almond and chocolate in the same mold

“Always remember to check that all the ingredients of your dishes and Desserts for celiacs are gluten-free. ”

Divide the preparation into two bowls, and add the chocolate nougat to one serving, and almond nougat to the other, cutting both into small pieces to integrate better. Mix both very well preparations. Add to each bowl 100 grams (each) of the flour to Celiac or special gluten-free mixture, previously combined with the Yeast, and beat until you get the cream.

Pour the preparations into two square or rectangular molds, Previously greased and dusted with a little of the mixture, and bake (Together or one at a time, keeping the other in the refrigerator) for 25 Minutes, until the golden notes are well cooked. Remove from oven and allow to cool before stripping and cut into squares little ones.

Using a shear or cup, remove the circular center of the Squares, and replace them to match the colors and give a Special presentation, or serve on a mixed plate, to have more choices of these delicious desserts for coeliacs.


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