2 Homemade Aromatizers for The Home


Perfume your environments with a personal touch by making your own Homemade flavorings. Here we give you 2 simple and fabulous recipes.

2 Homemade Aromatizers for the Home

2 Home Cooking Recipes

To perfume any corner of your house, here we offer two Homemade flavorings for the home. You can make them in minutes and by Only coins, since we will use natural ingredients and materials that Sure you already have in the kitchen. All your environments will wear the fragrance Which you like the most, and at a tiny expense!

Aromatizing homemade to spray

The first homemade flavoring recipe is ideal for refreshing the Environment, by spraying a soft fragrance into the air, to Upholster, or also near sources of dry heat so that the aroma Flood the space. We will do it in a small plastic bottle or Glass with a spray cap, mixing the following (or in a Container separately and then packed with funnel)

* ½ cup of good quality vodka
* 2 tablespoons of plain water
* 30 to 40 drops of the essential oil whose fragrance you prefer

To achieve a more attractive product and enhance the cooling effect At home, add fresh herbs. For example, use Lavender and place a flower of that plant inside the bottle, or make a Lemon essential oil and put in a thin strip of the peel, or A small slice without seeds.

The room diffusers are chopsticks that will absorb the liquid Fragrant to invite him to the room in a subtle and natural way.

“To achieve more attractive home flavorings and enhance the effect Refreshing at home, add fresh herbs into the jar. ”

Place the ingredients in the bottle, close tightly, and shake to Integrate them to perfection. Then, it sprays in environments to Eliminate the bad aromas (such as confinement, cigarette, bad smell Of gas stoves at the beginning of the season, etc.). You’ll give it to your Spaces a gentle aroma of essential oil that you have decided to use.

Home fragrance for home with diffuser

The second version of homemade flavorings is such a Decorative as well as functional. It is a diffuser with sticks, which will Absorbing the fragrant liquid to invite it to the environment of a Subtle and natural way.

You will need a plastic or glass bottle with a good closure cap, That you can pierce or cover with baking paper, lard paper or Similar element, and insert inside the bamboo stick. If I do not You get, replace with strips of gray cardboard, or simple sticks of Skewers.

“Prepare homemade household flavors by mixing the Ingredients directly into the jar, or in a separate bowl to Pack with the aid of a funnel. ”

To prepare the homemade flavoring, mix the following Ingredients directly into the clean and dry bottle, or in a separate bowl To then pack with the help of a funnel:

* ¼ cup of medicinal alcohol
* ¾ cup of common water
* 20 drops of the essential oil of the aroma that you prefer

Add the natural decorative elements, such as lemon skins and Orange, fresh herbs (basil, lavender, mint, rosemary, etc.), 1 to 2 Cinnamon sticks, and cloves.

Place the bottle or bottle cap, and drill three or five Diameter of the sticks. Insert them in there, so they touch the Liquid in the interior and stand at least 12 centimeters outside. If the cap can not be drilled, cut and replace with Paper lard or other. The ideal thing is that it does not enter the air, but the fragrance comes directly from the sticks that will absorb the liquid.

With these homemade flavorings you will give a special perfume to any Environment of your house, in a soft and permanent way, and for only coins!


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