3 Steps In Controlling Anger


We all have those days when we feel obfuscated. To combat those annoyances, we propose these 3 steps that you can do anytime and anywhere.

Eliminate Wrath Tips

Today we want to propose 3 steps to control anger, which you can apply anytime you need them, and also anywhere. Whether you are having a bad morning at the office, or the trip to the store is giving you several concerns, it may be a traffic jam on the highway and even that couple dinner that ended up contrary to what you expected.

No matter where or when, the next time you feel angry, sad, disappointed or simply with a negative approach to life, apply these 3 steps to feel better in the order in which we present them below, and you will see that in Few seconds you will feel refreshed and energized:

3 Steps to Anger Management

1. Stop . Stop doing what you’re doing, including talking, yelling, arguing, hitting the wheel of your car, thinking about how much the situation makes you angry. If you can, give the word “Enough,” “High,” “No” or another that works as a command, order you give yourself to stop the action, words, and thoughts you are running. You need to change the focus, and there is no better way to do it than to stop thinking and acting.

2. Breathe . Let go of all the air you have inside. Close your mouth, and inhale slowly through the nose, until you complete your lung capacity. If you can, close your eyes, there are not a few seconds or counts to do: just change your breathing pattern, fill with vital oxygen, and enjoy this pause that you will give to your mind, from your body.

3. Imagine . Visualize a better situation that you are now. It can be the same scenario once you solve the problem, or imagine a waterfall in a forest, a beach at sunset, and even remember a person, a site or a situation that give you happiness. Concentrate a few seconds on that image, and then breathe again to get back to reality with a new focus.

5 minutes to feel better

Whenever possible, according to the place where you are and at the time of which you have, add to the previous 3 steps this small but very useful ritual of 5 minutes to renew the energies, change the focus, and recover the good mood and positive attitude.

In this step you will not visualize, nor imagine, nor repeat a mantra: just enjoy some silence.Although it sounds very simple, it is very difficult to leave the mind blank. So, if you notice that it costs you too much, it replaces by the sound of the wind between the trees, or that of a river that flows. Choose a natural one you know, and try to focus on that sound only for a few seconds:

Take a break a day. Only a few minutes will suffice, you can enough to leave the day behind and give your soul a special treat. Use these minutes of pause to listen to music, enjoy a delicious coffee, to cook something you like, take a walk, read your favorite magazine, etc.

Take 3 to 5 minutes a day to take a deep breath. We are accustomed to breathing slow, fast, just to survive, and we forget the importance of doing it in a deep way. Just take a break, take a deep breath

Take 5-10 minutes a day to visualize the life you want, imagine a pleasant situation, remember a moment of enormous happiness, or just think of positive things. Close your eyes, breathe slowly, and visualize yourself in a happy situation. The power of visualization is of enormous impact for our emotions; you must prove it!

With this guide to eliminate anger and feel better in a negative situation, you will prevent negativity from trying to take control of your being, living a more balanced and harmonious life.


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