5 Mistakes That Women Make When Trying To Conquer a Man


When it comes to making a man notice us, the strategies are varied, and every woman can say that she has a particular trick. But the reality is that, beyond the personal charm that each girl has, we usually do the same to attract the attention of a boy, which leads us to incur a list of mistakes frequently. In uptodatetrend.com we mention the 5 most common mistakes that women make when trying to conquer a man, prepare to discover how that method you thought great really is not so infallible.

Women Mistakes When Trying To Conquer a Man

Mistakes of women make when trying to conquer a man

1. In general one of the biggest mistakes when trying to conquer a boy is to exaggerate in any possible plane. Exaggerate being so sweet, laughing at each of his jokes and thanks when we do not look funny. Exaggerate showing us excessively sweet, or docile, or available… Anyway! Everything that is “on edge” makes its alarms sound, and it seems to be false instead of authentic, and authenticity is a quality that they cherish.

2. In general, girls like to talk. The problem is when nerves or fear of an uncomfortable silence, we do not stop talking while we try to conquer a boy. Remember that you also want to know what he thinks, so it is important to overcome nerves, maintain a balanced conversation and learn to listen.

3. Demonstrate right away that you are a serious person who wants a commitment, it is a terrible way to make them take you into account.
Until we know a child fairly, we do not know if we want to move to a more serious plane with him, so it is important to let things flow. Try to not jump into the first comment saying that you are crazy to have a serious relationship and get married before To meet X amount of years. Unless, of course, you want to frighten him.

4. Going on a date or trying to conquer a guy wearing overly provocative clothes or with an attitude that screams that you desperately want sex can have a very adverse effect. Maybe you’ll get him to bed with you that night, but no more.
It is important to show your sensuality from another aspect, wearing clothes that favor you without showing too much, or showing those characteristics of your personality that you know can capture the attention of a boy when conquering, such as the sense of humor or intelligence.

5. We think they love harsh girls. But forcing this type of attitude and going through unpleasant, egocentric or unfriendly, to realize that you are not easy prey and try to conquer you with more desire, is a bad idea. What you can get is that he just passes you.
Try to be yourself, and if you do not care the guy says so; If instead you like it, then learn to prove it.

6. And as a bonus, we also do not recommend that you play the fool or pretend innocence when you try to conquer a boy. We do not believe that men prefer them foolish, on the contrary, they enjoy the mystery and the challenges, and that was always achieved alongside smart girls.

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