5 Negative Effects of Pornography Abuse


The pornography is a form of adult entertainment that is based on nudity, explicit sex and categorization of men and women into objects of desire. The industry has evolved since the mid-twentieth century and today is considered a source of work for the many involved, an escape to relax occasionally from the stress of daily life and why not, a product to enjoy as a couple.

Of course, pornography is not a harmful industry per se, nor is it an occasional consumer. However, the abuse of these visual productions can generate some negative effects according to the psyche of who is in front of the screen, of course.

It is worth clarifying that in this article we are not attacking the masturbatory act but the excessive use of pornography. Nor do we want to make moral assessments about the pornographic industry, that is left to the reader’s discretion.

What you will see in this article are 5 negative consequences of consuming pornography excessively.

Negative Effects of Pornography Abuse

5. Can Become an Addiction

Or at least there is scientific evidence that proves this. According to these studies, the viewing of pornography produces the segregation of dopamine, a neurotransmitter of the Central Nervous System. This in itself means nothing, since dopamine is present in any activity that gives pleasure to the brain, including eating.

But as with tobacco, alcohol and certain drugs, the association of dopamine to very specific activities, and with repetition over time, can generate a sort of addiction. That is, your brain will need more dopamine to feel happy.

The negative of this effect is that this affects your normal life, it can be harmful as totally harmless. However, it is worth noting that this is not a myth.

4. Affects Your Self-Esteem

Pornography can sometimes generate false illusions about the nature of the human body. If you are a person predisposed to the obsession with physical appearance, pornography can affect your self-esteem to a certain extent.

Why? For the simple fact of consuming a message where the great genitals and the perfect silhouette are indispensable requisites for the sexual satisfaction. Something that, to clarify, is totally false.

3. Tries on the imagination

In short, pornography is to sexual fantasy what television can be to the book. If you are one of those people who cultivate their own capacity of mental fiction, then the saturation of sexual scenes can get to mellar your own imagination.

And I do not think anyone can like that.

2. You need stronger content every time

One of the proper attributions of the human race is the ability to be bored. You can get bored eating always the same, always dress the same and even watch the same TV shows. Certainly, with pornography, this is no different.

You can always switch food and clothing, but the case of pornography is presented as a bit more complex. In order to increase dopamine levels, many users need access to different types of content, often stronger, often ending up in areas that one would not tell or their closest friends.

Again, one may have no problem with their own dis-sensitization, until we reach the last point.

1. Can affect your sex life

Many researchers like to call this phenomenon Centerfold Syndrome or Supermodel Syndrome. It is closely related to several points in this article.

The fact that we need more and more impulses to release dopamine tends to create idealized images of the opposite sex, which can shatter any expectation. Nothing good can come out if your beauty standard falls on perfect body actors and actresses, something that applies not only to pornography but also to the beauty ideals that the market places in vogue (Hollywood, commercials, etc.).


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