5 Tips for Being Happy


Do you think it is possible to be happy? In this note, we analyze 5 points that can help you achieve the goal.

5 Tips for Being Happy

5 Keys to Being Happy

The famous thinker Osho said that happiness is not the goal to achieve because it is a passing sensation. He said that it is something of a moment for a particular fact, but that the constant leads us to what we do want to achieve: happiness, the permanent emotion of well-being and feeling of being complete.

So we need to foster our happiness, to seek it, to do our best to find it. And here we tell you five keys to achieving it.

1. Accept reality

You are not perfect; you have flaws, imperfections in the skin, a few extra kilos, you do not speak 5 languages nor are you the next candidate for the Nobel Prize. And that’s fine because it’s your reality. Of the 7 billion people in the world, maybe one or two will meet two or more of those conditions we all dream of. The others are simply human, with thousands of successes, virtues, weak points, and strengths.

Accepting ourselves for what we truly are, with our ability to overcome ourselves if we set ourselves to it, with our countless number of small imperfections is the first step to happiness. Accept yourself for what you are, acknowledge your faults and correct them, and appreciate your strengths.

2. Learn to say goodbye

Let the bad emotions go. Learn from adverse situations as much as you can, express them, take from them the teachings, and then let them go. You do not accumulate grudges, anger, and frustrations: they do not lead you anywhere, nor do they benefit you at all.

Appreciate the good times and let the forgettable go. Learn to forgive the faults of others, and also your own. Do not keep hardship, lamentations, and regrets within you: learn from them, and then release them. Apply this to negative people, bad situations, and all that remains happiness in your existence.

3. Watch your plate

Comparisons are only useful when you try to know which product is the most economical. But when it comes to people, avoid doing it. That individual you see with better and more favorable opportunities may lack the love you have in your life; That slim and sensual body of your office companion that both envies may be due to what happens his day in the gym. Because he has no other place to go, and not like you have a home and a family waiting for you, A pet, a plant that fills you with good energy.

Do not envy others, nor do you feel proud in front of the helpless: you never know what happens in the house next to you, nor do you know what fate will bring you.

4. Smile

If you want to be happy, try to smile as much as you can. Just as that “money calls money,” happiness calls happiness. If you stay positive, open and smiling, better situations will come into your life. Smile, laugh, hug, love and enjoy. Learn to laugh at yourself, find humor and fun in all situations. Maintain a positive attitude. That is the trick to happiness and fulfillment.

5. Connect with others

Use the computer, the Internet, the mobile phone and the tablet when you need them. But when you are with someone else, log in to a personal level. Collaborate, talk, laugh, tell jokes, listen to others, talk: the relationship with other people is beneficial, energetic and affective. Learn from others, teach them, be supportive and empathetic. Understand that they have virtues and defects, and let them see yours.

These 5 keys to happiness are easy to understand but not to apply. It is best to practice and be aware that change starts with oneself and from the inside. Dare to be a better version of you every day.


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