5 Useful Skype Features


We teach you some useful functions to take advantage of Skype and always be connected with your contacts.

5 Useful Skype Features

Features to Take Advantage of Skype

Microsoft’s messaging service has become an indispensable tool for instant communication from anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, there are still many people who do not know some useful features of Skype to get the most out of it.

Skype is more than an application to make free calls; it is also a powerful platform that breaks the language barriers, ensuring greater productivity during your conversations. Let’s see what are its main advantages to interacting with other users without any limitations.

5 Functions to take advantage of Skype

1. Multiple Chat: Skype has long ceased to be an exclusive service for users with an MSN account. Now we can also start a conversation with our Facebook contacts without the need to have the application installed on the mobile or open the browser from the PC.

On the other hand, one of the advantages of Skype calls is that we can communicate with other users of Hotmail and Outlook without any problems.

2. Free group calls: Microsoft decided to end the Premium service of group video calls, offering the option to communicate by video and audio with more than one contact at the same time. Another function to take advantage of Skype is to start a video call with your friends from your working friends, family, or college friends. Of course, to ensure quality transmission, it is necessary to have a good bandwidth.

3. Share screen: Probably one of the most interesting and original features of Skype has to do with the possibility of sharing the screen of your computer. It means that you can live broadcast of everything you are doing on your computer with your contacts. And it is completely free !. It is important to mention that this option is available only for Windows and Mac systems.

4. Cheap calls worldwide: Skype is not only one of the best platforms for messaging and video calling, but it also has competitive rates for making international calls. For example, one of the most attractive packages in the Microsoft application allows us to make unlimited calls to fixed numbers in Latin America. Do you have any idea of what you can save?

To take advantage of this useful Skype feature, you just have to subscribe to payment plans that are of interest to you. Unlike any contract with a mobile phone company, you can make international calls from anywhere in the city (always with an Internet connection).

5. Real-time translator: And the great incorporation of Skype has to do with your new translator in real time, a free tool that makes possible the unthinkable: translate our messages instantly in any language. Just install Translator on your computer and you can immediately talk to people in Italy, Germany, Russia, Brazil, Japan, or the United States in your own language. Amazing!

As you can see, there are many reasons to enjoy these 5 functions to take advantage of Skype without having to spend a single cent. Enjoy them and get the most out of this app.


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