6 Artificial Foods to Avoid


They are delicious sandwiches but hide unhealthy ingredients. Here we tell you 6 fast foods that you should avoid eating right away.

6 Artificial Foods to Avoid

6 Foods and Snacks You Should Not Eat

Accelerated life leads to unhealthy eating. We have little time to cook, and so we fall prey to certain snacks and fast foods that take away hunger instantly, but as a consequence affect our health in the long term.

It is delicious products without a doubt, that attract us with its sweetness and extravagance, although we know that they will be deposited directly on our hips, and worse is that the high calories present are “the least of all evils.” There are many artificial foods that you should avoid consuming as they cause serious harm to our health. Get to know them and take them away from your daily diet forever.

1. Baked goods

In particular, the chicken, are tasty and very easy to prepare, in addition to promising to nourish our children with minerals, vitamins and proteins artificially added. But in truth, it is a question of taking advantage of the less nutritious part of these animals, including necks, guts, giblets and the like, crushed and hidden in crispy toppings, with very high salt aggregates, fats, and chemical preservatives. It does not matter if they are a bird, or fish or meat: avoid them, and prefer semi meats prepared at home.

2. Sausages

Fast and delicious, sausages have a similar problem to bocaditos: you should never find out what they are made of. Most of these processed meats have flavors, colorants and chemical stabilizers that hide their true texture and composition, devoid of true nutritional value, but with artificial “nutrients” that you should avoid at all costs.

3. Refreshments

Soda and sodas not only do not end with thirst but also leave us as a gift a stomach inflamed by gas and countless chemicals, sugars, and unhealthy additions.

Among its many damages we can name hollow, fructose calories and syrups that cause insulin and blood glucose peaks , as well as providing an ideal environment for the development of bacterial colonies in the gastrointestinal tract, lead to obesity and cardiovascular problems, and relate Widely with cancer in cases of abuse, because they acidify the organism.

4. Chips and cereals

Bag Potatoes are a snack that should be absent at all our meetings. Not only are they related to diabetes and being overweight, but they also raise blood pressure, blood sugar level, and lack all nutritional value.

For their part, cereals, which claim to be for “a healthy breakfast,” are loaded with artificial sugars and sweeteners, as well as dyes and processes of high-temperature processing that takes away all nutritional value. provided they have shapes And fun colors for kids.

5. Margarine

Long time margarine was consumed in replacement of the butter because the second said to be an animal product loaded with fats. But the truth is that margarine is an elaborate chemical, artificial and without any nutritional value, full of trans bars, free radicals and all kinds of artificial chemical aggregates for its conservation and stabilization. Ideally, do not consume any, but if you have to choose, stick with the butter.

6. Microwave Popcorn

Sure they are practical, and also inflatables when it comes to enjoying a movie at home, but prefers those cooked in the fire and not the microwave. These are not only genetically modified grains, loaded with preservatives and chemicals, but also contain diacetyl (causing lung damage) and a huge amount of artificial chemical salts and sweeteners.

As you can see, you should not consume these artificial foods, which although rich in the background hide chemicals and ingredients that will eventually bring us health problems. Avoid them as much as you can and always eat at home, is the only way to know exactly what you are consuming.


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