7 Tips to Save Energy When Using Air Conditioning


Here are 7 energy-saving tips when using air conditioning. Reduce lighting costs by applying these easy tricks.

Save Energy with Air Conditioning – 7 Cheats

Air Conditioners: Energy Saving Tips

Setting the ideal temperature is not the only advice to save energy with air conditioning, although certainly, that is an excellent first step that not all users give. In this note you will learn good tips to create a sensational atmosphere in your home without wasting electricity, optimizing the use of your money, regardless of the type of air you have at home.

The ideal temperature

Although many people seek to create a chilly climate through these devices, the truth is that this is an easy way to get seasonal diseases, and simply not suitable for your well-being.

The ideal temperature to use an air conditioner, recommended by the manufacturers, is 24 °C. But the truth is that one or two degrees more will not make the difference and, in fact, can give you, even more, comfort avoiding the thermal shock you suffer when you go abroad.

If you want to have energy saving air conditioners, the first thing to do is set them to maintain a temperature of 26 °C. This climate is cool and pleasant, and it avoids the excessive consumption of electricity.

6 Tricks to save light with air conditioning

The following are other measures that will boost your savings at home, and at the same time help you maintain an ideal climate:

  1. Isolate the openings. It avoids the “contamination” of temperatures between the interior and exterior of house isolating well doors and windows. Put weather strips and rubber brushes to avoid air entrances, put eaves and awnings to avoid direct sun, and use curtains to curb the heat that can be transmitted through the glass (as you would in winter for the cold).
  2. Take advantage of the weather. If it refreshes at night, it opens doors and windows and allows the home ventilated. Use fans to circulate fresh air. This will make a pleasant environment and will help you to apply the other saving tips.
  3. Beware. After the purchase analyzes where to place the air conditioning, and always hire trained personnel to do the installation. It will be more expensive than looking for someone without knowledge, but it will certainly help you save money later, and optimize your investment throughout the year.
  4. Maintain the temperature.Many people turn on the unit at a very low temperature thinking that this will make the environment cool down faster. However, this practice only produces a great expense, since it must work exaggeratedly, not to mention that it does not accelerate the air conditioning time. Turn it on at the temperature you want to have at home that is, at 26 ° C.
  5. Check and maintain proper equipment. Clean the filters, renew the gas, and once a year does a general overhaul of the system. This will allow you to perform better and avoid future expenses.
  6. Use light colors. The light colors on the facade and exterior of the house will help you to reflect the solar rays, avoiding the extreme heat in the structure. Once a year, if you can, paint the exterior in light tones to maintain a cooler climate. Another trick that will help in saving energy is to use green linings, such as vines, to insulate the house from outside temperatures in both summer and winter.

Follow these tips to keep your home fresh, and you’ll see that energy savings will be reflected in your light bill next month.


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