Car Care In Winter


When the winter sets in, the car requires special care. Follow these tips to use it without any problems despite the snow and ice.

Car Care in winter

How to caring for the car in the snow and ice

Is the cold turning into a problem when you want to drive? The windshield and the windows look like an ice castle? Can’t you even put the key in the bolt without the ice getting in? We have right solutions to give you! Just keep in mind these car care tips in winter, and problem solved!

The problem with ice

Ice and snow can be a much bigger inconvenience than just being able to get to the car. On the one hand, the cold and rubbing affect the paint, and the weight to which the metal and the crystals are subjected could be a drawback if you leave the problem unattended.

On the other hand, the ice is dangerous both on the road and in the use of the vehicle: a glass steamed up inside and frozen on the outside would prevent your visibility, not to mention the danger of break that it can be in the glasses that have a thick layer of ice covering them, and inside are getting the violent heat of the heating. That can be dangerous!

In all cases, it is best to keep the car in a garage during the winter, preventing all kinds of ills. If you do not have a garage, try to park it under some roof, and consider leaving it with a blanket or a large blanket. Then, keep in mind the tips to take care of the car in winter, and do not forget to use the buttons below to share this knowledge with all your friends!


12 tricks to caring for the car in winter

In the interior of the car, condensation can be a drawback. Because:

1. Before you close it at the end of the day, make sure to air it well (especially if you have had the heating on) to remove the steam and residual heat.

2. Put a cloth bag or old sock filled with cat litter, raw rice or silica gel into the torpedo or the center of the car to absorb moisture.

3. Rub the crystals inside with white vinegar, to remove the fats.

4. If the glasses fog up the next morning, rub them with shaving foam to eliminate the marks and prevent them from forming again.

5. Ice on the glass is a real problem, but there are also good ways to solve it:

6. Prevents the wiper gums from cracking and adhering, leaving them lifted overnight and snowed.

7. Spray the crystals (outside) and the exterior mirrors with a solution of 3 parts of vinegar and 1 part of water, to remove the ice more quickly.

8. To prevent snow from settling so easily, rub the crystals and mirrors with a cloth soaked in alcohol gel or medicinal.

9. Is there a light snowfall tonight? Cover the car with a large blanket, an old sheet, or just put white paper, mold or an old map on the windshield, holding it with the brushes, and remove them without problem in the morning (this advice is only for light snow).

10. To protect the side mirrors of ice and snow, only wrap them with regular plastic bags, or use old clothes or a paper bag held with a rubber band.

11. Be sure to park your car with the front facing east, so that the sun at dawn helps remove ice and snow when the weather permits.

12. Once these preventive solutions have been applied, if your car is covered with ice the next day, just rub a plastic spatula or credit card (that gymnasium you never use is also useful!).


And what about the locks?

Ice on doors and locks can be a real problem, especially if your car opens only with the key or if the remote control does not work for some reason. To prevent freezing:

  • If the door has jammed, spray it with oil, vinegar, or just warm water. Never hot!
  • In the locks and hinges, apply a little alcohol gel on the outside when you park the car.
  • Cover the bolts with a piece of low-pressure tape, so you can easily remove it the next day.
  • If the bolts or hinges have been frozen, spray lubricant (WD-40) lightly to remove the ice, or warm the key a little with the lighter so that, when you insert it, remove the ice deposited inside.

These car care in winter will make even the coldest cold seem a little light, and without difficulty for your car!



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