Easy Steps How to Make a Meat Lasagna


The lasagna is a dish rich and nutritious very easy to make and always successful and acclaimed among the guests who try it. It is usually made with special pasta plates and although there is also the vegetable lasagna, it is usually prepared with minced meat, tomato sauce, béchamel, onion, garlic, and pepper. A lot of patience, desire and joy are the main ingredients to get the best lasagna. In this article from a How we explain step by step how to make a lasagna of meat.

How to Make Meat Lasagna

Easy Meat Lasagna Recipe


You will need to:
1. Bring to a boil. Since they are large plates, use a large pot. Fill it with water, a pinch of salt and a stream of olive oil, which will allow the pasta to be in an unbeatable state for your food, and with a lot of flavors. Put about 5 coats. Let them rest in the fire until they boil, but do not remain too soft.

If you choose precooked pasta or direct to the oven, follow the indications of the product to cook it. Some need to soften previously while others go straight to the oven, however in the latter case you should add enough béchamel to cook with this liquid.

2. While the pasta is cooked, prepare a sofrito. To do this, in a frying pan with a few drops of hot oil, mix the meat, garlic, onion, and pepper, cut into small pieces, as much as you can. Once you have it ready, add the tomato sauce and some Italian cuisine seasoning such as oregano or basil, which will give it the maximum flavor. Add pepper and salt to taste.
3. When you have everything ready, take a large rectangular container, and prepare to assemble your lasagna. It is important that before, anoint the butter container and then sprinkle flour, this way the lasagna of meat will not stick.

Then add the first layer of paste as a base. Cover it with a little of your sofrito. On this, another new layer of pasta again must be covered with sofrito and so on.

4. Create about 4-5 layers maximum, as it will be a very wide lasagna and will be very difficult to eat. Remember that your dish should end with the last layer of pasta, which serves as the final colophon.

The ideal is that the pasta is not too close to the edge of the container, remember that when cooking will grow a little so if you are at the limit your oven will end up full bechamel sauce.

5. On this last layer of pasta, spread béchamel until you cover it well. The bechamel can be bought prepared in any supermarket or shop, there are many brands and all are equally good. But if you prefer, you can prepare it for yourself. Follow our recipe, it is very easy and very simple. If you want, you can finish adding some Parmesan cheese on top.
6. You already have your lasagna prepared. Now you just have to put it in the oven, which will have preheated about 10 minutes before at 200ºC. Once it is hot, introduce your lasagne covered in foil and let it cook for 25 minutes.

After this time, remove the foil and introduce a knife to evaluate the cooking of the pasta. If it is almost soft or soft, then allow the meat lasagna to finish cooking, gratinating over. If it is still hard, cover with paper and leave 10 minutes more.

7. Once ready, take it out of the oven. Let stand 5 minutes before serving, this way the taste will settle and become much more appetizing. And if you want your meat lasagne to be deluxe, serve it along with some garlic bread and a nice bottle of red wine. Bon Appetite!


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