Economic Ideas to Entertain Children


Do not let the limited budget be an excuse for boredom! Look at these ideas to create economic entertainments for children.

Fun Ideas for Kids
Vacations or a weekend can get complicated when money gets tighter, but fortunately, we have some economic ideas to entertain children, which will also please adults! Just apply your creativity, use the resources you have at your disposal, and overcome the temptation to let them empty their minds in front of screens when there is no budget to travel or go to expensive sites.

Paint, draw, model

The favorite elements of creative children are always much cheaper than a technological gadget that does nothing for their stimulation. Painting, drawing, modeling and creating are still the most productive and ideal activities for their development. Also the costumes and theatrical works, and for all of them, you do not need to spend a penny!

Learn to reuse the remains of materials to give them a new life. For example, grind all small pieces of colored chalks to reduce them to dust. Mix with a little water put in molds for chocolates or soaps, and let the liquid evaporate completely. You will get chalks of multiple colors and shapes, which will continue to be used for a long time.

Another idea is to place the remains of crayons in silicone molds suitable for the oven, and leads to mild heat, regularly controlling until melted. Use one color per mold or many different shades. When melted, remove from oven and cool completely, to give your little ones their own original multicolored crayons.

Cheap entertainment for children

Apply your creativity to entertain the children and put them into action. Broken clothing, stained, faded, percussed, even sheets and towels can be the parts of your trunks of disguises. Cut, sew and model skirts, superhero layers, hair scarves and a whole set of colorful items that do not require advanced knowledge in sewing, and organizes a costume contest that the little ones will adore.

Also, make your elements for sensory games. Some good alternatives are:

  • Create face painting
  • Moldable Sand
  • Masses for modeling figures
  • Homemade plasticine
  • Homemade chalk
  • Crayons for soap

Take advantage of the environment and Nature to entertain your children. Turn off the TV and go outside: they can play to identify birds, collect pine cones or dry leaves of different shapes and colors, create snowmen, identify flowers, put on rain boots and jump from puddle in puddle, create a mountain of dry leaves and then kicking them, jumping stones over the water of the lake that is close to home, doing acrobatic skills in the grass, and even creating a fantasy fort using empty boxes or garden furniture, depending on the season of the year And the climate of the moment.

And, when all that fails, resort to table games and cards. They create their games or enjoy the traditional ones: with some practice, they will be more enthusiastic for these activities than for the screens, which do not encourage the interaction and the time in a family like these economic ideas to amuse children.



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