Home Remedies for Neck Pain


Does your neck appear to be made of stone sometimes? Try these great remedies to relieve sore neck. They are natural methods, safe and very effective.

How to Calm Pain in the Neck

There are many ingredients that we have at home, and they are components of the best home remedies for neck pain. These balms are easy to prepare, safe, natural, and extremely effective to take away that annoyance we occasionally suffer, which we tend to underestimate but which, over time, can become chronic.


Why does my neck hurt?

This is quite common and can have various origins. One of the most common is bad posture. If you’re sitting for long periods of time (using your computer, reading documents) make sure you keep your back straight, your shoulders relaxed and backward, and raise the screen or papers to keep the chin parallel to the floor. Also, the constant use of the Smartphone makes us ‘look down’: correct your posture to reduce the risks.

4 remedies to relieve neck pain

In addition to applying these corrective measures (and doing mobility exercises daily), try applying these natural balms that will relieve your neck discomfort:

Cold and Heat: The cold-heat treatment will help you to deflate the nerves and tissues, and then to stimulate circulation by taking advantage of the natural analgesic mechanisms of your body. Put an ice pack for 20 minutes (never directly on the skin), while lying on your stomach. Replace with hot water or a towel (or another heating element) for another 20 minutes, and continue to apply both temperatures until the pain subsides.

Vinegar: Natural apple cider vinegar (unpasteurized or refined) has natural analgesic properties. Wrap a towel or cloth and soak it with this liquid. Put it on your neck and just relax. Do it every day as a preventive treatment.

Epsom salts: Add a cup of salt to the water in your hot bath, or make a compound by mixing them with a little apple cider vinegar, to apply dir

Anti-Pain Spices: Ginger and turmeric are spices that help relieve pain. In the case of a contracture or a strong nuisance, cut fresh ginger and turmeric into thin slices, and put them directly on your skin (be careful: turmeric will leave a yellow mark). Also, try liquefying them with a tablespoon of olive oil, and apply as an ointment in the area. Wash with soap and water then remove the yellow mark. Note that eating ginger and turmeric regularly also serves as a preventive method against pain and inflammation.

There are no more excuses to end your discomfort. These remedies for calming neck pains are as effective as a pharmacological pain reliever but have no unwanted side effects. However, note that regular neck mobilization and exercise, maintaining good posture, and using the right pillow will be the best preventative means.


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