Hot Tips to Steer Clear from the Holiday Party Bulge


Usually, eating healthy stuff is not possible during holiday parties and festivities. Hosting or attending such types of occasions make it hard to stay committed to the idea of eating healthy. Here are tips to avoid the holiday bulge.

As a host to this holiday season, make sure that you –

  1. Serve signature drinks

Alcohol is the core of every party, which can undoubtedly upset your guest’s health. Alcohol can possibly cause food cravings.

Suggestion  No need to go eggnog, but a low-calorie wine can work alike. Alternatively, prepare a signature drink with a festive name. For example blend wine with diet soda or club soda, add cranberry juice and add a piece of raspberry. This drink will win the hearts of your guests. Moreover, it is more generous on their waistline.

  1. Swapping ingredients

Holiday parties are surrounded by tempting food & drinks. They look appealing and scrumptious but are high in sugar, fats, and calories. You feel happy eating sugar and carb, but it is short-lived as it disrupts your diet.

Suggestion  You can swap few ingredients and reduce calories and fats without sacrificing your favorite recipes taste.

For example :

  • Use 2 egg whites instead of one egg (reduces cholesterol)
  • Use applesauce for butter, oil or margarine in muffins
  • Swap fried onion rings with sliced almonds to make a yummy crunchy topping
  • Select low-fat cheese for casseroles and salads
  1. Healthy appetizers

Chips is the first-degree high-calorie offender. French fries are virtually dripping with unhealthy calories and fats. Therefore, it is necessary to make a healthy choice for appetizers.

Suggestion – For refreshing change without sacrificing taste, make vegetables, your table-scape star. Cut them into funny shapes and arrange them on skewers. The water content and chewing of veggies slow down the intake of alcohol and make the guests feel full.

  1. Create food-free zone

If your guests stand near the food-zone the chances of taking second or third serving increases. Staring and smelling the yummy food nearby attracts them.

Suggestion  If you have arranged a buffet party then arrange food table in another room. Guests can carry their plates and relocate to another room, more probable to get chatty. Ultimately, forget to refill their plates.

  1. Go lean

Processed meat, salami, sausages have unhealthy saturated fats, so make a better choice for the main dish.

Suggestion  Consider protein based dishes made from lean meat, turkey, and fish. Also, change the method of cooking. Roasting it on the rack is a low-fat way of cooking because the majority of the fats just oozes away.

  1. Fruit-based desserts

Any kind of party is not complete without those tempting desserts. Don’t skip dessert! Remember the protein and fiber have already made them full, so they will just nibble the dessert.

Suggestion – Make fruit-based desserts. For example, Apples baked with plenty of cinnamon are not just a tasty dish but tastes awesome.

  1. Plan moving activities

Just sitting or standing in groups and talking is not better for digestion, circulation or burning calories. Give your guests some activity to keep them moving.

Suggestion – A scavenger hunt or game of charades can be considered. Hitting the dance floor can also give them fun and burn calories. Arrange competitions that keep them away from the sofa.


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