How Much Is a Cup in Grams?


When following a recipe, many times we find that the ingredients are measured in cups, a rather subjective unit depending on which cup we choose. That is why it will be very useful to know the equivalences of each food in cups with another unit that we can calculate accurately. Therefore, in uptodatetrend, we explain to you how much a cup equals in grams.


When talking about a cup of flour, we refer to 120 grams of this ingredient. So if we must add more than one cup of flour, we must multiply the total number by this amount.


The answer to what equals one cup of sugar is 200 grams, in the case of white or tan granulated sugar. On the other hand, if it is glass or impalpable sugar, the equivalent to one cup will be 110 grams.


Cups of butter or margarine equal 225 grams and usually refer to this food at room temperature, not melted. In this way, it will have an appropriate texture to work with but without becoming liquid.


In the case of recipes that indicate the rice in cups, weigh 185 grams in crude and, if boiled, it will refer to 175 grams.

You should remember that rice is gaining volume by boiling, so an amount that may appear to be low in oil will swell and be appropriate for the recipe.


We also explain some equivalences for those indications of liquids measured in cups:

  • 1 cup of oil: 200 ml or cc
  • 1 cup of water: 250 ml or cc, which is also equivalent to 250 gr.
  • 1 cup milk: 245 ml or cc


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