How Much Water Is Recommended For Children Under 6 Months And Older?


How much should children drink water? Undoubtedly it is a question that every mom ever made.

How much water should children take?

Water and children

There is always talk of the importance of keeping children hydrated, especially during the summer. We all know that drinking water is important and essential to keep us healthy, and on TV the water traders do not tire of repeating that we should drink at least 2 liters per day, but do you know how much water children should drink? O When to start giving them water?

Well, the exact answer for each child corresponds to your special basic needs and better than anyone could answer your pediatrician. Anyway, there are some generalities that we must know.

How much water children under 6 months should drink

The first thing to know is that children under 6 months, whose only food is breast milk, do not need to drink water since the milk covers all the daily requirements of hydration. This rule is valid even when the temperature of the environment is very hot, or the child has a fever. The World Health Organization recommends breast milk on demand until the year of life so that fluid intake requirement would be met.

How much should children over 6 months drink?

After 6 months, most children begin to eat porridge and soup, so it is common to start drinking water. The problem is that young children do not know how to express thirst so, as adults are recommended at least 2 liters of water per day, it is recommended for children to take between 800 ml and 1 liter of water per day. Day (this if they do not take breast milk on demand).

This amount of water has included the juices and broths they drink during the day, so it is recommended to offer the child one or two glasses of water per day and the child will take or not as needed.

If your child does not like to drink water, or you think that the amount of water they have daily food is not enough, fruits and vegetables are the best sources of hydration. A diet that contains variety and quantity of these foods is one of the best ways to keep the child hydrated and healthy.


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