How To Be More Charismatic


Learn how to develop charisma by practicing habitual behaviors. You will attract the opposite sex, new friendships, clients, etc.

How to Develop the Charism

Learning to be more charismatic is not only possible but also relatively easy. The first thing you need is to understand that this feature can be born from within naturally, or you can work with simple and everyday behaviors, which will show you as a confident, confident, and extremely attractive person in both social and work environments.

Keep in mind the tips in this article and learn what you have to do to develop the charisma and become the center of attention, wherever you are.

What is charisma?

By definition, charisma is a Latin word ( charisma) that can be translated as “to please”; That is, it is the ability to attract and captivate others towards you.

The charismatic is perceived as someone “attractive” and “attractive.” The distinction is because this type of attraction transcends the physical, conventional beauty, and is based more on trust, safety, and inspiration, which makes other people want to approach him or her.

Tips to be more charismatic

If you seek to look charismatic, consider the following behaviors and try to practice them in your day to day:

Listen and analyze: In a conversation, in a negotiation, in any interaction: listen. Then, analyze the information, and you will be better prepared to debate or to know the motivation of your interlocutor.

Maintain good behavior: Eat with your mouth closed, do not shout, talk without insults, and behave with correction on any occasion. If you do not know how to act, identify at the meeting a person whom you consider to be charismatic, and analyze their behavior.

Maintain good posture: Charismatic people stand and sit upright, chest out and shoulders relaxed, away from the ears. Look up and see your interlocutors in the eyes, without looking away or looking at the ground. Keep your hands on the sides or the seat supports, not crossed in front of the chest. Guide the tips of your feet toward the person you are talking to, and be comfortable and ready for the situation.

Prepare yourself: If you are going to a meeting, think ahead about what concepts you need to refresh, find out, prepare the material, and get to know the subject thoroughly. If you are going to a social gathering, read the newspaper and watch a current program, to get an idea of the topics that will surely be discussed in the evening.

Be attentive: Do not exaggerate, make your interlocutors feel better predisposed towards you by making a compliment on their intelligence, or valuing their point of view in a correct and direct.

Be honest and accurate: If you are going to affirm something, do it knowing that it is an unappealable truth. If you are not sure, do not try to impose your opinion, but be honest and say that you do not have full security and that you would like to be more informed to give an opinion. Humility is a feature always present in charismatic people.

Have a good appearance: Always wear clothes that are appropriate for the occasion, clean, without wrinkles, as well as footwear. Cut your hair, shave, do not overdo makeup, perfume, accessories or hair (depending on whether you are male or female). Your image must be professional, applied and always correct.

– Listen carefully: In interacting with other people, charismatics listen and respond according to the talk, instead of trying to impose their ideas.

– They are comfortable in different environments: Do not be intimidated by the place or people present.

– They are emotional: They are not afraid to express their feelings and are honest about their emotions (without falling into extremes of expressiveness).

– They are generous: A common trait among people with high charisma is that they are supportive, generous, and do not hesitate to

– They use the technology without abuses: They do not trust the technological means, nor they spend the whole day looking at the screen of their mobiles.

These behaviors are easy to remember and to implement at any time. Imitate them to develop your charism and be appreciated as such.


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