How to Block, Unblock And Delete Contacts in Snapchat


Thanks to Snapchat you can receive hundreds of messages a day from your friends and contacts in an original way. However sometimes snaps may become abusive spam, illicit content or that can hurt the sensibility of people. In this situation, there is no other remedy than to block these users who only use Snapchat to annoy or annoy others.

If you have seen similar situations, then it will help you learn how to block, unblock and delete contacts in Snapchat.

How to block a Snapchat contact

If you no longer wish to maintain in touch with a person in Snapchat, and she does not stop writing or sending you a message, there may be no other remedy than to block it.
To do this, the first thing to do is obviously open the application, then go to the friend’s panel (moving the main screen to the right). There you will find your entire list of contacts sorted by alphabetical order.

To proceed with your blocking, you only have to press once on the username in question, and after that, your score will be displayed in Snapchat. You will also see that a setting wheel appears directly to the right of its name. Click on that wheel, and you will see three options: Edit name, Delete, and Lock. Choose this last option and this way the user will be completely blocked. If you block it, you will not receive messages from that person again, and he will not be able to see yours either.

How to unlock a contact in Snapchat

As you can see, a blocked contact goes to a red list at the end of the ‘My friends’ panel. If for any circumstance you want again to send you Snapchat messages, you will have the option to unlock it. To do so, just press again on your username and select the option called Unlock.

In this way, you can resume contact and continue conversations in a normal way with that friend who – for various reasons – had no choice but to block beforehand.

How to remove a contact from Snapchat

This is the firmest and direct way to get rid of a contact.

To remove it just go back to the panel of my friends, click on the name of that contact, select the settings wheel again and finally choose the option Delete. That way you’ll be able to get rid of that person forever and not even be on your blocked list of contacts.

If for some reason you would like to re-include it in your friend’s list, the only way you’ll have to do this will be to re-add your full username and no errors, so you can re-chat and exchange photos and videos.

Important tip: Always remember to protect your privacy and that your friends and contacts in Snapchat also respect it. If you have blocked or even eliminated a person because he has not respected those limits, think carefully about whether it is a good choice to re-accept it or not. Also remember that if you want to exchange photos and videos with other people, there are other applications that offer similar tools, such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Kik or Line, to name but a few.


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