How to Build a Proportional Ladder


Do you want to place a ladder at home and do not know how to measure? Here, we give you information about how to calculate a proportional ladder by setting an example and giving you the formula to follow.

How To Calculate A Ladder

There are some aspects to be considered in constructing a ladder, such as footprint, the riser and angle of slope. Maybe you need a calculator to help you in calculating a ladder. So, read these following instructions:

  1. The ” Law of Blondel ” is a relation between footprints and risers. The footprint is the part of the stair where you step while the riser is determined by the distance in height between 2 tracks. The Law of Blondel establishes the following equation as the correct formula for the user to climbing up the ladder:
  • 2 risers + 1 footprint = 64 cm

The ideal relationship is Raised = 18 cm and Footprint = 28 cm. These are proper calculations for the design of a ladder.

  1. So that you understand a little better how to calculate a ladder, let’s give you an example by applying the Law of Bondel that mentioned before. Imagine that we want to place a ladder that rises 3 meters; to be able to do the calculation we will proceed as follows:
  • We calculate the number of steps: 3 meters = 300 cm; Then 300/18 = 16.6. You should always round up, so the number of risers will be 17.
  • Calculate the height of the risers: Following the example, proceed to the following calculation: 300 cm / 17 = 17.65 cm. This will be the height of the risers.
  • We calculate the length of the footprint: It is known that 2CH + 1H = 64 cm, then we can calculate that 64 cm – 2. (17.65) = H = 28.7 cm

One aspect that you should also take into account is that the riser cannot be greater than 18 cm or the footprint less than 28 cm.

  1. We also need to measure the width of the ladder. The dimensions of the width depend on the purpose of the ladder and the needs of the project. In public buildings, the width must be between 1.50-2.30m, in offices 1.30-1.50 m, in collective housing if you have a lift you will need to have a minimum of 1m, and if you do not have 1.20 M will be the limit; finally if it is individual houses a width of 0.8m is correct.

You should also keep in mind that every 14-18 steps are necessary to place a break which its length must be three tracks.

  1. When your ladder is ready, it is time to decorate it. If the staircase you were calculating was designed for your home, decorating it with a railing is a good option; also, the railing will give you the possibility that you can hang from it some decorative elements such as LED lights or an artificial plant vine.

Another good idea of decorating stairs is to put a large candle every 2 or 3 steps; If you turn it on at night, you will get that corner of your house more beautiful.

Tips :

Make sure that your ladder must be water resistant, not slippery and have security elements (handrails, for example)

For the ramps, allow people with different abilities to access the ladder by simplifying their effort, that its inclination cannot be higher than 15 °.


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