How To Choose Gifts And Toys For Babies


Choosing a good gift for a baby is not always easy. In this note, we give you some ideas and also reasons to choose one or another toy.

How to choose gifts and toys for babies

Toys for babies

Choosing our children’s toys, or gifts for the little ones is a task that we must pay attention. Some toys stimulate the learning and psychomotor development of babies, while other playful elements may even pose a potential danger to your health and well-being. In this note, we will learn some tips for choosing toys for children from birth.

Tips for choosing toys for babies under one-year-old

In the first few months of life, babies are discovering the world around them, perceptions (visual, auditory, tactile and more), and also learn themselves, in their small bodies. Therefore, toys should encourage this learning. The elements must have textures and colors that capture their attention, and may even emit sounds, as long as they are not too aggressive for their developing ears.

Make sure toys never have loose parts. Dolls and stuffed animals are not the most appropriate, as they have buttons, zippers, and ornaments that the child could give off and ingest, or that could pass through their skin and face, and receive scratches and wounds.

In contrast, mobile games, rattles, cushions, exercise mats, and gyms are more than adequate, as they stimulate their development and well-being. Since the baby is so small, the best thing you can give him is something that stimulates him. It can be a DVD or a CD with music or stories (in English or other languages) so that the little one incorporates different knowledge.

When the child grows, they will begin to form their tastes. Toys, from 6 months of age, can already be almost “chosen” by the little one. Remember that the child still has the habit of carrying the objects to their mouth and face, so don’t forget to avoid items with moving parts, plush animals with fillings, and the others like that.

Starting at six months, the children begin to have greater mobility. You can give them items that require their interaction, such as stuffing toys, balls, and also rockers and walkers, always consulting with the parents first, and bring them to the doctor. It must be elements that the child can grasp, interpret, feel their textures, and appreciate their shapes and colors.

All of these options will help you foster appropriate cognitive and psychomotor development.


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