How to Clean The Exhaust Pipe of The Motorcycle


Knowing how to clean the exhaust pipe of the motorcycle will allow this part to be in an optimal state so that it does not lose power to the vehicle.Thus, when the exhaust pipe already accumulates too much debris, the performance of the motorcycle is less and unwanted noise can occur. To help you in this task of maintaining your vehicle, in we explain how to clean the exhaust pipe of the motorcycle.

How to clean the exhaust pipe of the motorcycle

You will need to:

1. When performing the operation of cleaning the exhaust pipe of the motorcycle, we will remove the excess carbon and soot that accumulates as a result of the operation of the engine and will avoid that this waste will cause a fall in the performance of the vehicle.
2. The solution we propose to clean this piece is to remove the exhaust and use a mixture based on caustic soda and water to clean the interior and get rid of the accumulated carbon.
3. You will use an abrasive and toxic chemical, so you will have to protect your body and hands with gloves. You should also wear goggles to protect your eyes and a mask to avoid breathing the poison. Perform the cleaning operation of the exhaust pipe of the motorcycle in an airy place.
4. Before proceeding with cleaning the tube, you will have to disassemble it. If you do not know how to do it, it is convenient that you read this article we explained how to remove the exhaust pipe of the motorcycle. The operation will be more or less complicated depending on the model, and it is convenient that you consult the manual of your vehicle before beginning.
5. Once you have the tube removed, you must do the operation in a large bucket where the tube fits and in a well-ventilated place to avoid poisoning. We remind you of the importance of protecting your eyes, respiratory tract, and hands. You must cover one end of the tube so that the caustic soda remains inside, and at the other end, introduce the product, approximately one kilo.
6. To continue cleaning the exhaust pipe, move the latter to make the caustic soda expand throughout the interior. Then pour 2 liters of boiling water into the exhaust pipe, very carefully to avoid being reached by the product. Then in a large bucket of water immerse the exhaust pipe and leave it there for about 24 hours.
7. After this time, to finish cleaning the exhaust pipe of the motorcycle removes the water mixed with the caustic and remove it to take it to recycle to a clear point. The exhaust pipe rinses well with a hose, let it dry and reattach it. Now you will have your exhaust pipe in optimum conditions so that it will not detract power to your vehicle.


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