How To Disconnect The Battery From Your Car


Are you going to park the car and not move it in a few days or months? It is advisable to disconnect the battery, a step for the good maintenance of your car and we indicate how you should do next.

How to disconnect the battery from our car?

Many users of the car, maybe had a question to ask what to do to disconnect the battery of your car, since it will be standing for a period Important enough so that the battery and mechanics of the car suffer if we do not disconnect the battery of our car. Therefore, in a few simple and brief steps, we explain what you should do to disconnect the battery of your car and thus forget about problems once you want to get back on the move.

To disconnect the battery of any vehicle, remember that you have to do it with the engine stopped, you must:

1. Always disconnect the negative battery terminal first: you will recognize it because you can find the ‘-‘ symbol engraved near this terminal, in the battery; Or because the cable that corresponds to the negative pole is black.
2. You can then disconnect the positive terminal, the red cable.

When, later, you have to connect it, you must act exactly the opposite. It is the right step you must to follow:

1. First, connect the cable corresponding to the positive terminal – the one of red color.
2. Then do the same with the negative cable terminal – black.

Also, remember to always follow this order because, if you do it the wrong way, you can skip a spark from the positive terminal, which could burn you.

Below we will inform you about how to change your car battery? You just to follow these 6 simple steps :

1. Locate the battery of your car

It is usually located in the engine compartment, although in some cases it can be in the trunk – as in the BMW – or even inside the cabin – as in the Smart Fort.

2. Make sure what type of battery you should buy

You can check your amperage in the user’s book of the car or the adhesive that is glued on the battery that owns the vehicle. Note also in what position the terminals are; Positive on the right and negative on the left or vice versa.

3. Unscrew the support that holds the battery

For this step, it is usually enough to use a set of wrenches, although in some models before you must remove the plastic protections that cover the battery.

4. First, remove the negative terminal and then the positive terminal

To do this, you will need a 10mm or 12mm flat wrench or a flat wrench.

5. Remove the old battery carefully, as it weighs.

Do not overturn it because the acid inside it can cause holes in the clothing and the upholstery. Do not forget to throw the old battery in a clean spot; In the municipality of your town will indicate where is the nearest.

6. Insert the new battery in place, but first place the positive terminal and then the negative terminal.

Finally, screw in your locking anchor. Eye, do not leave the car without a battery in place for more than half an hour, as the control unit could reset itself and you would see fault messages on the instrumentation.




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