How to Get Spotify Premium Unlimited Free Trial


Perhaps some people get confused by the different packages of Spotify; users can not decide on which package fits them: Free Spotify, Spotify Free Download, Spotify Unlimited and Spotify Premium. Let’s give a clear explanation of this situation in this tutorial. What’s more, let’s discuss how to get Spotify Premium Unlimited and let more people enjoy music in Spotify easily.

How to Get Spotify Premium Unlimited

How to Get Spotify Premium Free Trial

Part 1. What is Spotify Unlimited?

It is the best way to let the user listen to music, without any announcements, for the price of $ 4.99 per month, thus the music is transmitted freely. This subscription was once the best selling option of the company, but now it is discarded. Unlimited Spotify users will not be able to renew their subscription, and all users are transfers to Spotify Premium, which becomes the best seller. Spotify Premium is also being updated to let users get the best. What’s more, you can get the same listening effect as an unlimited subscription. Users who want to sign up now for the Unlimited account are directing to a 60-day free trial of the Premium package.

The process

Users should follow these steps to get the best result with ease. The steps are the same as for registration in the Premium account. Users have to search for the keywords “How to get Spotify Unlimited” from the respective country, to ensure that their respective domain appears. The general steps are easy to follow, and the user has to follow the key steps that are mention as follows:

Part 2. How to get Spotify Premium Unlimited?

  1. Visit this URL,and press the “Get Spotify Premium” button:

2. The user must press the “Start Free Trial” button on the following page:

3. If the user has a Spotify account, they must login to the account. Otherwise, you must create a new account and send details:

4. It presents the payment data to start the free trial of 30 days or, in other words, the Spotify Unlimited has been established until finishing the process:

Part 3. 5 Solutions to Get Spotify Premium Unlimited

To ensure that the user gets the best premium subscription services, i.e., the old unlimited package for free. It is advisable to follow the solutions listed below:

A. Facebook Technique

Follow the process to get the results quickly:

  1. Sign in to your Facebook account:

2. Access the main page by clicking the name:

3. Follow the path Applications> Music> Spotify to add the Spotify application to the browser and Facebook:

4. Restart the browser and click on “OK, listen to music”:

B. iOS Technique

Follow the steps below:

  1. Download the Spotify app from the app store:

2. Sign in to your account:

3. Open playlists to proceed:

4. Download the playlists to make sure the process ends here completely:

C. Android Technique

The user has to make sure that the process below is followed:

  1. As soon as the Spotify application is downloaded and installed, the user has to access the playlist editing option, offline, to start the task completely:

2. Click the downloaded playlist:

3. Select the offline mode for that particular playlist:

D. Download the songs

It is easy to follow the process:

  1. The user has to download a sound recorder with good audio quality:

2. Start the Spotify Audio mode:

3. Start the program for the downloaded recording:

4. Play the songs from the Spotify player:

5. Save the downloaded songs as you wish to complete the process:

E. Desktop Techniques

  1. Visit the Spotify website and download the application:

2. Upgrade your Spotify account:

3. Download the app that comes on the following page:


There is only one way to get the premium membership, the other ways that have been described are the ones that users can enjoy music easily once the trial period ends. Apart from the way described initially, there is no other way to get the quality of a premium membership for free.


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