How to Give a Good Sexual Massage to Your Partner


A massage is always a good option to get rid of the stress accumulated in your body because of the daily routine. But does not your high rhythm of life allow you to spend time with yourself or your partner? If so, it is time to remedy and reserve a part of the day in your relationship. Would you dare to surprise him with an erotic massage?

Guide to make a good erotic massage

How to Give a Good Sexual Massage

Learning how to perform an erotic massage and practice it as a couple can be the first step to try new things and make your sex more satisfying and fun. One of the most frequent complaints in relationships is the little time devoted to caresses and previous games so that they become monotonous and boring.Start by choosing a suitable music that creates a more intimate and sensual, to start you in the fabulous world of erotic massages. You will not regret!

Once you have created the ideal environment by lowering the intensity of the light, looking for a pleasant temperature, putting a sexy music, you must have handy oils and creams. Heat your hands and choose the area you want to start your massage. Here are the different erotic massages available:

1. Erotic massages on the head

The first thing your partner should do is lie on your back, with your head resting on a cushion. In your case, get on your knees behind him and start at the forehead, making a gentle stroke with your fingers from the nose and see until the birth of the hair, alternating right and left. Repeat this movement about 12 times, varying the intensity of the pressure depending on the wishes of your partner. Finally, place the palms of your hands on your temples and hold the position for two minutes.

The strokes that you perform in this type of massage stimulate the energy center behind the forehead, what we call the “third eye.” This way you will get the tensions relax, That stress and a deep sense of well-being disappear.

The best time to do erotic massages on the head is in the early afternoon. It is recommended to do it in a very smooth way since it will be the ideal preamble for other types of massages with a more erotic load. Even if you do not have any experience, this massage is easy to perform, as well as fast and will allow you to become familiar with the physical contact between you.

One of the things to keep in mind is that the ear is an ultra-sensitive and highly erogenous zone and, once stimulated, sends an electrical impulse directly to the gut. Take advantage of it and tickle it with your tongue or your breath. But beware! Not everyone likes to get too close to the ear. So leave it at the first sign of rejection.

The erotic massage is the first preamble for a passionate sexual relationship, so it starts in the head and continues with other preliminaries.

2. Erotic massages on the back

It is time to practice the well-known Californian massage. Your partner lies face down and you stand at the height of his head, with the palms of his hands on the top of his back. Gently slide your hands up to your buttocks, making a small stretch in the direction of your feet. Press the contour of your buttocks and slide your hands down the sides, then go up to the armpits, before pulling slightly shoulder to the top and return to the starting position. Repeat this movement by increasing the pressure at the same time. Do not forget to synchronize your gestures with your partner’s breathing: it ascends when it inhales, it descends when it expires.

With this massage, you will be able to fade the muscular tensions under the effects of the surrounding movements. Another advantage is that this massage revives the sensitivity of the skin. Your boy will be even more receptive to your caresses!

The best time to do an erotic massage on your back is after a hard day’s work when you feel very stressed or tired. Relaxation and awakening of desire guaranteed!

3. Erotic massages on the chest

The “masseur” is placed to the right of his partner, at the level of his hips. The hands should be on the pectorals or breasts, wrapping them well. Then proceed to make 3 circular movements: clockwise for the right breast, in the opposite direction for the left and, without making these circles, draws in and out of the breasts. Then, slide your fingers from the nipple to the outside of the breast and gently knead the skin by varying the pressure. To finish in a more erotic way, serve from your mouth and do not hesitate to kiss your chest directly.

The chest and belly are among the most sensitive parts of the body, because the skin around the clavicle is very thin, so it is very receptive to caresses. On the other hand, for both woman and man, the breast is a secondary erogenous zone that, once caressed, involves the excitation of the primary zones (sexual organs).

The best time to perform this type of massage is one in which you feel that your libido is at half-mast . 30 minutes of sensual massage in the chest should be enough to wake up the fiery lovers who live in you. Why not use a pen or a brush to caress your partner’s chest? These aerial instruments will make you shiver with pleasure.

Also, you must keep in mind that, well stimulated, the breasts can even make you reach orgasm. Twenty-four percent of women surveyed say they can reach orgasm by simply caressing their chests. And, in any case, Is a great way to start a sexual relationship. After this massage, sure to come a few of these sexual postures.

4. Erotic massages on the arms

Sit next to your boy, grab your left hand and put the right on your palm, with your fingers towards your shoulder. He steps gently from his wrist to the elbow, before descending again by the arm. Repeat it twice. Then put both hands parallel on your forearms and ascend to the shoulder exerting a uniform pressure. It descends again by relaxing the pressure. Repeat this gesture several times. To finish, put your right hand on your own and massage your palm with your thumbs and then slide your index finger between your fingers. Do the same with the right arm.

Why is this erotic massage so good? Many times we forget it, but the arm houses many erogenous zones, especially in the elbows (in the inner crease), the fists and the hands. We rarely caress these parts of the body, particularly sensitive to massage. Check it yourself: a good massage in these areas will give your partner an intense sensation of pleasure.

The best time to perform erotic massages on your arms is when you feel that the routine invades your partner and that daily physical contacts are becoming less frequent. The massage of arms will make you discover the hands and shoulders of the other and will highlight certain areas of the body that you normally have forgotten, reserved for the simple, banal gestures of daily life. To make the massage spicier, pass your tongue between your fingers and kiss it when you reach the tip.

You must keep in mind that, because of their symbolic meaning (protect and pamper)

5. Erotic massage on the buttocks

Your partner lies face down, and you sit right on your butt, astride. Place your palms on your buttocks and massage them in ever-wider circular motions. Accentuates the pressure. Then go to the right buttock; Put your hands on it and, with the help of your thumbs, form a “roll” with the skin and remix it to the coccyx. Alternate right butt with left.

Why is this erotic massage so good? Because, for both men and women, this is an area of a highly erotic character. Also, in the case of men, stimulation points that excite the prostate and testosterone production are located around the coccyx, near the anus.

The best time to do erotic massage on the buttocks is when you feel confident enough with your partner to let you look and massage your buttocks in full light. Avoid at first dates!

Another option you can try is to change tool! Instead of the hands, put your arms on your buttocks and make circular movements, from the outside to the inside. Result? Larger caresses and more intense pressure. If the light touch with the tip of the fingers is enough to stimulate the thighs and buttocks, when they are more muscular, it is better to apply a vigorous massage. And, if you are curious, eliminate taboos and try with anilingus, a practice at a time More habitual and highly pleasant.

Massaging this area is the perfect preliminary to practice anal sex. Pleasure helps to dilate the anus and, with the help of lubricant or saliva, you will create the perfect environment for this practice as erotic as conventional. Here are a few postures for anal sex that will trigger your imagination.

6. Erotic massages on feet

Your partner lies on his back, with a small cushion under his knees. Sit at the height of your feet, put olive oil on the palms of your hands and warm it by rubbing them. Grab your left foot with both hands and make circular movements with the thumb on the ankles, clockwise. Do the same with the right foot. Then put the first three fingers of your hand on the outer ankle and draw five circles slowly, first in one direction, then in the other, and finally make eight-shaped movements. The pressure and amplitude of the movements continue to vary.

Why is it so good to do erotic massages on your feet? Because the feet are potentially erogenous zones and comprise 4 points of sexual stimulation, Related to the genital organs. A massage on the feet relaxes and excites at the same time: twice as many advantages!

You can prepare the massage oil for your feet by mixing 50 ml of sweet almond oil with 6 drops of sandalwood oil. You will get a sensual and woody perfume, perfectly adapted for this part of the body.

Do you know reflexology? This manual therapy treats the organs of the body at a distance, through pressure in certain points of the feet. In addition to its erotic dimension, the foot massage can bring benefits in case of stress, anxiety, headaches, gas… Why deny such pleasure?

This massage, in addition, is especially erotic for fetishists.

Tips for making an erotic massage for your partner

  • Eat light before the massage. There is no better time to try a light menu and 100% aphrodisiac based on oysters, strawberries, and champagne.
  • Acclimate the room properly. The ideal temperature: 25 degrees. It has to be a warm environment for the muscles to relax and the body to fully enjoy the massage. Be aware that you will be naked!
  • Favor a Zen atmosphere : dim the lights and disconnect the phone so they do not bother you. A soothing and relaxing background music will create the right atmosphere. You can also vaporize essential oils in the environment so that the aroma is pleasant: 3 drops of orange blossom oil will relax tensions.
  • Create a comfortable place: Put soft cushions on the bed, sofa or floor, use soft warm blankets or thick, skin-friendly towels.
  • Invest in massage oil. Choose those that are somewhat fluid and fatty so that the hands slide smoothly through the skin. Avoid paraffin oil, which is a chemical and decants for organic vegetable oil. As for the smell, the decision is yours: sweet almond, macadamia, sesame, apricot …
  • Remove jewelry and cut your nails, to avoid scratching the pair.
  • Attend to the sensations of the other: pressure varies according to their reactions. You can feel it in your breath.
  • Change Technique: brush, “knead”, pinching, massaging, pressing … And above all, avoid scars and varicose veins.
  • Sharing: The erotic massage is, above all, an exchange of roles and, therefore, sensations.
  • Let your imagination fly: You do not have to follow the letter of the techniques that we propose. Switch your caresses with kisses and pampering, only you know what your boy likes best!


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