How to Improve the Mobile Phone Signal Strength at Home


Are you tired of going around the house trying to talk? Get to know some tips to choose the hot spots and improve the mobile phone signal.

How to improve the signal of the mobile at home

Tricks to improve the signal of the mobile

What frustration when the phone signal does not let us talk quietly!. But many times it is not about lack of coverage, but to find the hot spots, those areas where the intensity is greater. Here are some tips to improve the signal of the mobile at home and achieve quality conversations.

Find the phone signal

The first step is to identify the points of your home where you have the strongest signal. The first step is to identify the points in your house where you have the strongest signal. Draw a general plan of the site, and mark the points of greatest intensity, to know where to locate when you need to improve communications. Let’s find out how to find it according to the smartphone you have:

If you have an iPhone: as if you were to make a call, mark “* 3001 #12345 #*” and press the button “call.” You will automatically enter the panel of tests (Field Test). There you’ll see the real signal strength in the upper-left corner of the screen, with a two or three digit number preceded by a hyphen, along with the name of your phone service provider.

  • A value closer to-40 is equal to a higher signal strength.
  • A value closer to the-130 is equivalent to a neutral and inefficient signal.

If you have an Android phone: Enter the settings (the gear icon), and then go to About Phone. In the Status section, you can see the Signal Strength.
You will find a value identified with a number of two to three digits, preceded by a hyphen, in the unit of dBm (decibel-milliwatts), along with another value of a number with the asu unit.

  • A value of -70 dBm identifies the optimal signal
  • A value of -100 dBm is a neutral and inefficient signal zone

Walk around your house and identify on your map the sectors with a signal closer to -70 dBm, which are the hot zones where there will be a better signal, also pointing to neutral or higher values.

Identify your signal tower

The Intensity will also depend on your location regarding antennas or repeater towers, which are the providers of the service. To know where are these towers, download the OpenSignal application, whether you have an iPhone or an Android mobile.

Open the application and press on the icon of a tower (to the left of the screen), and you will see the location of the antenna that is giving you coverage. To find it on a real map, along with the ideal coverage area, touch the button to open the menu, and select the Radar option. The coverage area of your mobile will be highlighted, as well as a red line indicating your distance and location on the tower.

If you tap on the tower and then on the selection icon (below, on the right of the screen), you will see the simplest way to get to the tower, to have a better reception of the signal.

Knowing the real intensity of your coverage is a much more efficient method than just looking at the bars, which are standardized diagrams and, more often than we would like, deceive us with what they mark.

Improve the signal of the mobile at home by following these tricks, to know where the hot spots are and to maintain quality conversations whenever you need them.


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