How To Inspect A Used Car to Buy It


Cars are complex machines that when they work are one of the best inventions that man has made, but when they start to have problems they can be our worst nightmare and even our biggest source of money. That is why, if you are thinking of buying a used car, you should know how to inspect a used car to buy it.

How To Inspect A Used Car to Buy It

Trick To Inspect A Used Car Before Buy It

1. First of all, you should give a general look at the car, to see if it has visual damages. Spend around the car and check for damage (dents, scratches, broken windshield and rust). Then check the inside of the vehicle, check for stains on the seat fabric, on the upholstery, if there are signs of oxidation.

2. Then check the tires, check the wear and drawing depth of the tires, for this you can help a depth gauge. Make sure the car has the spare wheel and also checks its condition.

3. Once you have checked the tires, you can check the condition of the brakes, help with a flashlight and check the condition of the brake pads; they have to be in contact with the disc, check that they do not have a lot of rust, a little rust is normal.

4. Take the time to look at the brake disc, check that it is completely smooth and that there is no damage or scratches.

5. Check the lights, check all the lights both exterior and interior, look good that they all work correctly.

6. Check the car’s fluids, make sure all fluids are at the correct level. Check the oil level; Remove the rod and clean it. Reinsert the rod and check the level marked. Check the coolant level; Do the same as in the case of oil, remove your rod and check the level. Check brake fluid level; Should be light to light brown or green. Check the liquid level of the windshield.

7. If you can check the status of the battery, you will need a voltmeter, remember that the battery should not be below 12 volts. Check that there are no leaks under the battery. And watch for corrosion in the cables.

8. If the car has electronic devices, turn them all on and check their correct functioning (windows, insurance, seats, radio, CD player, windshield wiper, DVD, a navigation system, defroster, etc.).

9. If you have enough time, we advise you to start the car and go for a ride with him. Always do it with the windows up and the radio off. This test check should be used to listen to the noise of the engine, and above all to pay close attention to possible noises (knocks, knocks, squeaks) and vibrations in the steering wheel especially in braking.

10. Finally, ask the owner of the car to let you see the book of reviews and maintenance of the car. Check that all revisions have been made correctly and within the time and kilometers you touch.

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The best option to buy a used car is to go and buy it directly from professionals who are dedicated to the matter; they always offer you one or two years of warranty of the car that you are going to buy.
If you are buying a used car from a private individual, it is better that you take your trusted mechanic with you and that he advises you about the used car you want to buy.


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