How To Keep Our Bike In Good Condition


Care and maintenance of our bicycle in good conditions is very simple. Besides, it will last longer, it will also be safer to use.

Keeping our bike in good condition


Tips to keep our bike in good condition

With these simple suggestions, you will keep the bike in perfect condition.

  • Keep the bike clean. Dirt, dust, and grease, act over time as abrasive agents on the different parts that make up your wheel. Each time you clean it, grease the parts so they do not rust or overextend.
  • The wheels must have the proper pressure, must be perfectly centered and the beams must not be cut or twisted. Change the cameras after several arrangements.
  • Always check that both the seat and the steering wheel or handlebar are firmly in place.
  • Clean cat lights and eyes periodically, if they are filled with dirt or mud, they will not fulfill the function for which they have been placed on the bicycle.
  • Every so often, check that all nuts are tight.
  • The brakes are of the utmost importance, they must be perfectly adjusted and braking gently as soon as we use them.
  • If the chain has too much rust and grease, proceed to clean it. When it is very dry, grease it again. One trick to degrease the chain is to spray it with coke and let it carry fat and rust with it. It also controls the tension of it, so that it does not release while you are using it.
  • If you are going to spend a considerable amount of time before using your bike again, it is best to keep it hanging from a wall and to deflate the wheels a bit.

If it has been wet, dry it as soon as possible to prevent it from rusting.

Important!! Always wear a helmet when you use it, even if the ride is short. safety first. The use of the helmet should begin as a compulsory habit since childhood.


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