How to Keep The Windshield of The Car Always Clean


How to clean our windshield inside and out. Also, how to prevent ice from adhering to it.

Tricks to keep the car windshield clean

Tips to maintain the windshield of the car always clean

When cleaning and maintaining of the vehicle, the windshield usually has some drawbacks that exposed to rain, frost, vapors and dirt. The task of its maintenance seems to be unattainable. Fortunately, here we have some helpful tricks for you.

First of all, we have to give them a proper cleaning. When washing the car, use specific products to clean the glasses and crystals in these areas. Help with good-condition rubber brushes, and dry them or rinse them with crumpled daily paper in rolls. Also, remember always to carry the vehicle’s window cleaner pump correctly loaded. When adding water, do not forget to place a bit of glass cleaner or white vinegar, to make a more efficient cleaning and rinse when using this mechanism. Another good homemade trick, to use in a hurry, is to put a few drops of shampoo for hair in the water of the pump.

Trick to prevent fogging the windscreen

The interior cleaning of the glass is just as important. After cleansing with the specific products, give them a pass with a cloth soaked in a mixture of warm water and glycerin, then drying them with a soft cloth or a chamois to avoid overcoating. Avoid touching the crystals with your hands, as this causes the skin’s greasiness adhere to the glass, after which it is tough to remove, and causing visibility problems when having sunlight against it. If it occurs, rinse with a soft suede, rubbing gently and in a circular fashion, until you get home and you can wash it properly.

Trick to keep windshields clean in winter

If you live in a zone of aggressive winters, where it usually frost or snow, help with this thing: before the cold season, then regularly wash the glasses and crystals with hot water in which you have diluted salt. Leave to air dry. When ice formed at night, then it does not stick to the windshield.

When there are particular soils, such as insects or animal stools, first, soak them with a wet cloth in hot water, let stand for a few moments, and then remove them with the same cloth. I repeat the process until the remains have disappeared.



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