How to Make a Homemade Vanilla Air Freshener


Do you want your home to smell better than ever? Then use entirely natural products to aromatize the rooms of your house, make air fresheners yourself and forget about the chemicals. Sometimes it ‘s hard to get the aromas we want to reach all rooms or even find new and pleasant smells and avoid bad smells such as tobacco or strong cleaning products, but in We have many ways to get it.

So, pay attention to this article to know how to make a homemade vanilla air freshener, discover several ways to make one and what aromatic combinations are the best to use with this fragrance.

How to Make a Homemade Vanilla Air Freshener

Homemade cinnamon and vanilla air freshener

The simplest way that will allow you to use the air freshener whenever you want and in the dose you want is the spray or spray. So, to make this natural flavoring product for your home, we advise that you not only use this plant with a very aromatic flower but also use other natural products to strengthen the good aroma and find delicious combinations. For example, the vanilla and cinnamon air freshener is very popular. To do this, you will only need to obtain this material and follow the steps indicated below:

1 small spray or spray
10 drops of vanilla essential oil or less if you use the extract of this plant
10 drops cinnamon essential oil
Fill the spray or spray with water and add the 20 drops of the essential oil, remember that there are 10 of each type of oil, close the jar and shake it vigorously so that it mixes the best possible. Now you can spray this scent all over your house when you want to smell this combination, but you can also try other possibilities.

Thus, other aromatic combinations that are perfect and that you will love to make your house smell especially well are the vanilla and magnolia freshener or else, the vanilla and orange freshener is another possibility. To combine these odors with those of vanilla, you must use the essential oil of each of them instead of the extract that are more concentrated. To do this, you will have to follow the same simple process that we just explained. Also, remember to shake the spray every time you go to use it.

Vanilla bowl with vanilla extract

To make a vanilla air freshener that is decorative but simple and simple to do you can choose to use a bowl or a bowl and extract of this plant. So, to make a vanilla bowl freshener you will need to gather this material and follow these instructions:

Decorative bowl or that you can easily decorate
Vanilla extract
Decorative flowers
Put 3/4 of water in the decorated bowl, add 3-5 drops of vanilla extract, if you use the oil you must add more drops and put a few decorative flowers in the water. Place on a flat surface to avoid possible water spills. You can place it in the entrance of your house, the hallway, the living room, in your room or the bathroom. Although, if you want to aromatize your bathroom, you can also choose to make vanilla soap and when you have it in the toilet you will notice that this is impregnated with its smell, not only when you use it but for the simple fact of having it placed there.

Remember to add a few drops of extract each day or when you notice that no aroma is released from the bowl. Also, change the water every day when you go to throw the new drops of extract or oil.

Candle vanilla with vanilla on branch

Another possibility to make your house smell like delicious is to use candles, in this way you will create not only an atmosphere with a rich smell but also very relaxing. To make this homemade vanilla air freshener, you will need these materials:

1 bowl, bowl or bowl
1 or 2 candles without odor
Several vanilla boughs
To make these simple vanilla scented candles you only have to place unscented candles in the center of the container, and then you must surround them with the vanilla branch, we recommend that you split the branches into several pieces to make it easier to place. If you want to put more and make sure there is enough odor, you can first place the branches covering the bottom of the dish or bowl and then put the candle or candles. When you turn them on, the heat will cause the branches to begin to give off their natural and sweet smell, flooding the rooms of your home.

Also, if you prefer to make a candle in which the vanilla is included in the wax, you can read this other article on how to make candles.

Vanilla bags to flavor your home

Another way to aromatize all corners of your home with a delicious scent is to use aromatic fabric sachets. This way of making a vanilla air freshener is very easy, and you only need some thin and decorative cloth scraps, as many bags as you want to make, and you must put several pieces of vanilla into the branch. If you want to enhance its odor, you can put a couple of drops of vanilla extract in any of the branches to last the aroma. Also, you can combine the odor with others you like, for example, you can add a little cinnamon in a branch, cloves or dry orange skins.

When you have the combination, you have already been able to take the measurement of the fabric you need to put that amount and can sew it. To close it we advise you to use a string or a thin cord that you can then easily open and that also serves to hang the bags of the knobs or on the hangers of the cabinets. Another option is to stuff the whole bag directly and leave it tightly closed. Now you can place this homemade air freshener for cabinets in which you want to keep a good smell or, also, in corners of the house that you want to smell especially good.

Homemade Vanilla Essential Oil Air Freshener

If you want a home-made vanilla air freshener that lasts for as long as possible, the last one we teach you is the best option. To make this air freshener type Mikado, that is to say with chopsticks, you will need to gather the following material:

A small glass pot or jar.
3-5 skewer sticks should be made of untreated wood.
Alcohol of 96ยบ, also known as alcohol of pharmacy since it is the one that we use to heal wounds.
Some water.
6-10 drops of vanilla essential oil.
Some vanilla on the branch.
Start by placing half a vanilla branch in the jar so that the smell will be more intense. Fill 3/4 part glass jar with alcohol and add water until almost full. If the mouth of the jar is small, you can use a funnel to facilitate the task. Add 6 to 10 drops of vanilla essential oil, depending on the intensity of the odor you desire.

Now cut the tip of the skewers or chopsticks and place them in the jar, with the cut side inwards, in this way will absorb better the aromatic mixture. Over time, when you see that there seems to emanate less smell of this air freshener can turn the sticks that will still be impregnated in the bottom. You can place this aromatic jar in your living room or another large room because in a small room will be too intense.

Also, you can add a few drops of other essential oils that you like in combination with vanilla; we recommend citrus scents or other sweets if you prefer to enhance the sweet smell of vanilla. Also, you can decorate the bottle to make it more decorative and according to your home.


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