How to Make Distilled Water at Home?


The distilled water is very easy to do. There are several simple methods to follow, to make it at home. The distilled water is the one to which the chemicals and minerals have been removed. Distilled water is used to take, water plants, fill humidifiers, and even fill aquariums and fish ponds. In this article, we intend to teach you how to make distilled water at home.

How to make distilled water

You can make distilled water at home with a stove, barbecue or campfire with ease. The first thing is to look for a container big enough, and another small one that can float in the container or can be placed on the level of the water. You also need a lid for the large container and also some ice. Basically, it is enough to get: a pot of several liters of capacity, around the lid for the pot, a bowl of glass or metal that can float in the pot and ice cubes.

Steps to make distilled water at home

You have to fill a large part of the large container with water, and then place the collecting container on it. The idea is to recover the water that drips from the center of the cover placed inverted; For this reason, a suitable collector size must be chosen to ensure that the distilled water is stored, and not returned to the large container. The cover is then inverted. When the water is heated, the water vapor will begin to rise and then condense on the lid in the form of drops. These drops should fall into the collection vessel.

The water must reach a sufficiently high temperature, although it is not necessary to make it boil. The next thing is to place the ice cubes on top of the lid. The cold will accelerate the condensation process of the water vapor, which will generate more drops in the lid. When the desired amount is obtained, the flame is extinguished and the distilled water is stored. It is preferable to place it in a sterile container to avoid contact with pollutants.

Get distilled water from the rain

You can also make distilled water from rain or snow. The water evaporates from the oceans, rivers, and soil, so it ends up condensing in the atmosphere to precipitate as rain or snow. This water is often suitable for immediate drinking unless you are in an area with high levels of water contamination. To distil rainwater or snow, place it in a clean container. Then, a sufficient period of time is allowed for the sediment to fall to the bottom of the container. The liquid can be carefully taken without fear of contamination, But still more filtration methods can be used by passing the liquid through a coffee filter or by boiling it.

There are homemade distillers. Producing distilled water at home with a specialized appliance is more beneficial than buying the water or making it with the pot and heat method. Homemade distillation kits usually cost more than 100 euros; If you are going to make water just for drinking, it is good to settle for a simple kit. The most expensive ones are used in research, or to distil large quantities of water at a time.

Make distilled water at home

The distilled water is water obtained from the process of distillation, consisting of the separation of homogeneous mixtures, one is kept boiling (where it changes from liquid to gaseous state), followed by condensation. Distilled water can be used to water the plants, put it in the batteries of cars, put in steam irons or even in humidifiers. Do you know how to make distilled water at home?

Instructions for making distilled water

1. The first thing to do is to fill with tap water a pot with a capacity of 5 liters. You should then place a glass container in the water and make sure it floats.

2. Then you should put the water to heat, but keep in mind that it should not boil, if this happens it is best to put out the fire.

3. You must create a condensation effect through a cold/heat barrier, you have to put the lid on the pot inside out and put ice on it. When hot steam reaches the lid, it will create condensation.

4. Now you should put the water to boil, because then the steam will rise and begin to condense on the lid of the pot, after pouring into the glass vessel placed inside the pot. Allow this distillation process to take place until you have enough distilled water in a glass container.

5. After obtaining the required amount of distilled water you can turn off the heat and remove the crystal container from the pot. Be careful not to burn yourself. If you prefer, you can also let it cool and then remove the container.

6. Allow the distilled water to cool and store the distilled water in glass bottles. And you already know how to make distilled water at home.


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