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The fondant, which in French means “melting or melting,” is a type of sweet coating, in the form of a paste in the sheet used to decorate desserts and even event cakes. Today we will learn how to make chocolate fondant recipe easy and fast.

What is its history?

The fondant is a technique to decorate cakes very valuable for its permanence and evolution in the time; This arises in the Renaissance period (approximately XV century) where many low-income confectioners were economically tightened, making it impossible to buy large amounts of sugar.

Due to this situation, they were forced to activate their imagination in search of a solution that ended in the idea of using a mixture of sugar and almonds to decorate their creations.

This resulting mass between the sugar and almond joints is similar to marzipan.

This first fondant evolved centuries later in Australia and the United Kingdom where this pulp had an impressive boom since it began to give more use until crossing the seas and arriving in the United States.

Once in the US, between the XX and XXI centuries, it became a trend as we know it today and went on to decorate not only cakes but also cookies, donuts, and cupcakes.

How to Make Chocolate Fondant Recipe

The popularity of the fondant grew to be very recognized and used in different preparations; So creativity was not short, and new versions of the fondant began to emerge as different colors and flavors.

To give you an idea if the fondant was blue its flavor is probably chewing gum; red can be strawberry, lemon yellow and brown is Chocolate!

The chocolate does not need much presentation, it is the result of the mixture of pasta and the cocoa butter and with its particular flavor came to make company to our fondant.

Basic Ingredients and Types of Fondant

There are many ways to make fondant, but always the mixture must contain in any presentation: gelatin, water, glucose, glycerin, butter, impalpable sugar and a flavoring; And depending on your preparation there are three kinds:

Liquid Fondant: It is very similar to melted chocolate, and we can usually use it to fill or cover cakes. It has a smooth and shiny finish.

Elastic Fondant: it is similar to the mass of cookies, that is, we can easily spread it, cut shapes or carve figures. It has a smooth and matt finish.

Fondant extended or cold: it is similar to the elastic fondant, but its consistency is somewhat harder. This type of fondant is moldable so that you can shape shapes like flowers, ribbons or bows.

Features of the Fondant

The main characteristics of the fondant that make it so popular and unique are its manageability and elasticity, only these two characteristics allow us to easily give it a smooth appearance (which is merely aesthetic) and that we can shape the way we want.

Using the fondant to decorate is very common because we can get to make details so beautiful that it will allow us to personalize any cake, dessert or what we want to prepare; Making it shine and become a unique piece.

The use of the fondant is adaptable to any event, whether adult or childish, but should always have a perfect and elegant appearance.

We must learn how to make chocolate fondant because it is even more striking because chocolate lovers will recognize it with the naked eye, while in other colors the fondant may have unexpected flavors.

How to Make Chocolate Fondant Step By Step Recipe

As we said before there are many ways to prepare the fondant, but this will do with marshmallows (also known as clouds), is an easier version to make than the original fondant, and we will get the same result.

However, this preparation needs: for being less sweet and cloying.

We will need :

– 250 grams of marshmallows

– 400 grams of powdered sugar

– 100 grams of pure cocoa powder without sugar

– 1 tablespoon water

– 1 tablespoon butter.

Preparation :

  1. The first thing we will do is melt the marshmallows in the microwave, for this we place them in a heat resistant container next to the butter and water, we program the microwave at medium power. In periods of 30 seconds, we will remove it from the microwave to remove and check that it is not burning. It must do until it has melted a little and we can finish undoing them with a spatula. If you prefer you can do it in a water bath.
  1. Now, add the cocoa powder and mix everything. It is recommended that it be pure cocoa to preserve the flavor of it and give a dark look to our fondant.
  1. Since we have the cacao well unified with our mixture proceed to incorporate the powdered sugar. We will add it little by little without stopping. We must take into account that the powdered sugar should not present any lumps or ample grains so as not to damage our fondant. While we are adding this sugar the mixture will become more consistent to form a dough, so we will release the spatula and begin to use our hands.
  1. We start with the kneading; we cover our hands and the work room with powdered sugar to prevent the fondant stick. When we learn how to make a homemade chocolate fondant, we must keep in mind that it is ready when it naturally stops adhering to our hands.
  1. We make a ball with our fondant, store it in an airtight container and let it rest for at least 1 hour before using it. Many people think that it is necessary to put it in the refrigerator as the case of the normal fondant, however, in the event of chocolate fondant does not need cold to preserve.

How to Make a Chocolate Fondant:

To work the fondant, as in any cooking recipe, it takes a lot of practice and patience, so we will avoid using it to break or dry up; If any of these cases happen to us, we can try to moisten our hands with water to try to repair it.

Latest tips on how to make chocolate fondant? The ambient temperature plays a vital role in the preservation of the elasticity and consistency of the fondant, much heat or cold damages the mass.


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