How to Make Homemade Lotions and Flavors


So that your body and environment do not deprive of intense and natural aromas, we tell you some simple recipes to prepare homemade lotions and flavorings.

How to Make Homemade Lotions and Flavors

Home Lotions & Flavors

Lotions are ideal products for relaxation and enjoyment, and to pamper our body. For its part, flavorings are also a way to pamper ourselves and give a luxury detail to our home. But the high prices and harmful chemical aggregates of the products bought makes us almost forget their presence, until today. In this note, we will see ways to prepare them at home so that you can enjoy them at any time.

The secret lies in knowing how to combine, in truth, since the necessary ingredients for the preparations are incredibly simple to obtained, and have a very low cost. The ingredients can be purchased in stores specialized in health and beauty, as well as in drugstores and pharmacies.

How to Make Homemade Lotions and Flavorings

To make our homemade lotions and flavors, we will need containers, preferably glass containers, well clean and with a good lid. We can buy some with a dispenser or pourer, to make the most of the lotions, and some with an open lid, to create delicate and bright aromas.

How to prepare the lotion with essences

  • To make the lotion, we will need neutral base oil for cosmetics. We can choose the type that best suits us, selecting the most suitable essences according to the goal sought for the lotion.
  • Mix a cup of base oil or essential oil preferred, with a spoonful of emulsifying cream. We will find it in the form of cream or wax, which we must melt in the microwave at low temperature. Then, we will add pure and clean water until you reach the desired consistency for the lotion.
  • If you have used base oil, this is the time to add the essential oil you prefer. For example, almond oil is very moisturizing and natural, lavender is an ideal relaxant, and coconut is a natural softener. You can choose it according to its impact, or also according to its aroma (for example, choosing special oils for aromatherapy), based on what do you like. If you want, also you can also give color to the lotion with vegetable coloring, although this can then stain your skin or your clothes. It is best to leave it with its natural “color”.

How to prepare the flavoring

For its part, to create a flavoring, we will make the same preparation, avoiding the base cream. The oil emulsified with water can be colored without problems, and then brought into a container whose lid has apertures that let out the exquisite aromas of essential oils. You can place these perforations tubes of base incense, or strips of paper, to maximize the flavoring effect in their dispersion.



It is a good idea to prepare a large quantity of both products and keep them in hermetically sealed glass jars, to prevent them in a cold and dark place, and we will have them available to enjoy them longer, filling the containers for daily use.


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