How to Make Ice Cream


Do you want to learn a different technique to make homemade ice cream? We present you a method that is gaining followers throughout the world. Enter here and find out!

What is Grilled Ice Cream?
Grilled ice cream, also known as stone ice cream, is a new trend in the making of this delight. Unlike conventional preparation methods that include shakes in cold media or the use of the freezer, this version was made thanks to the contact of the flavored creams with a cool surface, and a technique of movement using kitchen spatulas. Do you find it complicated? Well, it is not, and here you will learn to do it!

The technique of the ice cream in iron

The elaboration of this ice cream is traditional in many Asian countries. To prepare this delicious dessert is used a flat and cold (originally polished stone) surface on which is poured a cream sweetened with sugar syrup, which is spread, folding and moving with flat metal spatulas, in a very similar to The one used to prepare scrambled eggs.

Upon contact with the cold, the sugar crystals, the syrups, and other ingredients begin to harden. Thanks to the regular movement and at a certain speed, the preparation takes cold evenly, which, if prolonged, would be hard as ice. Therefore, the practice of “ice cream” is what allows them to know when the cream has taken enough temperature. At that moment they spread it all over the surface and, in a firm and accurate movement, they roll up a kind of ice cream tubes similar to the raw chocolate. Then they are placed in small containers and served as a traditional ice cream.

Thanks to current technologies, the preparation surface uses electronic (or liquid circulation) refrigeration systems to maintain the average temperature. But as you surely do not have one of these appliances at home, here we will teach you how to make ice cream with an iron using what you already have. It’s easier than you think, and you’ll have lots of fun!

Preparing the cold surface

To make this ice cream so special, it is essential to have three elements: two spatulas (metallic, perforated or flat), and a smooth and metallic surface that you can freeze in the freezer. Oven plates and cast iron plates are ideal for this project, but the truth is that you can use others you already have. Remember: the thicker the metal and heavier, the better it will keep the cold. Another option is to use a piece of marble, granite or stone, as they resist the cold and keep it very well.

Put the flat surface in the freezer for 12 hours or more, and also the spatulas. When making the ice cream, prepare a batter (or a plate for the oven larger than the cold surface) and put dry ice crushed (if you do not get it, replace it with ice cubes sprinkled with salt). By posing the surface above you will help keep the cold.

It is important that you protect the work table (especially if it was made of stone) by placing thick towels or many layers of newspaper. When placing dry ice make sure not to use your hands, as you could suffer burns from the intense cold. Also cover the ice with a thin towel (either dry or with salt), to prevent the iron from moving, and moisten it a little with alcohol or vodka without added flavors, to improve its ability to transmit the cold.

Steps to make this homemade ice cream
When the surface is freezing, start by preparing the cream that you are going to use. To do this, you will need an ice cream recipe that you like, whether homemade or box, to your liking.

A simple version is to put in a equal bowl parts of cream (whipping cream) and condensed milk; Add honey, fruit jellies or whatever flavor you prefer. Also add the other tastes and textures you want: dried and chopped fresh fruits, nuts, seeds, cereals, chocolate chips, grated coconut, colorful grains, etc. Make this basic recipe and create different ice cream flavors simply by adding the extra ingredients with each “batch” of preparation, as do the ice cream artists on the streets of Asia.

When you have the ice cream base already mixed, prepare the batter with dry ice, the towels, and put the cold plate on top. Without delay, pour the preparation onto the cold plate, and begin to move it with the metal spatulas as you would when preparing scrambled eggs: scrape the base to turn the cream, and take it all the way to the bottom to cool. When moving, also “flatten” it against the base, to extend the preparation. Imagine that your spatula is a brush and that you are painting the plate cold every so often.

The technique to roll the ice cream requires some practice. If you dare to do it, spread the prepared cream and begin to scrape the base in a particular movement, so that it was rolled in a tube. If you find it difficult, or if you want another technique, simply scrape the base to collect all the ice cream in the center, and remove it from the cold plate with one of the spatulas, obtaining a kind of ice cream ball. Serve in a bowl accompanied by delicious home-made sauces.

As long as the base stays cool, you can continue to make ice cream. If you notice that the cream no longer cools down enough, just bring the surface back to the freezer, refresh the ice from the pan, and/or moisten the towel with a little more alcohol or vodka. Thus, you can spend hours enjoying this technique to make ice cream in iron with the combinations that you prefer.


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