How to Make Screenshots On Android


Learn some easy ways to take snapshots of your screen on your mobile, depending on the model and the built-in operating system you use.

How to make screenshots on Android

Methods to Capture the Mobile Screen

If you’ve ever wanted to streamline Whatsapp communication about another chat, or if you want to keep what you see right in your phone’s memory, taking a screenshot is just what you need.

On the one hand, a good way to do this is by using an app that you download for free from the Play Store. There are lots of free apps very easy to use. Let’s look at some:

Apps to capture the screen on Android

Screenshot Easy: This app allows you to take captures of the full screen very easily, either by the power button or from an icon on the desktop, and on some models also shaking the mobile. It also allows you to cut the capture, convert it to other formats, add information and also overprint stamps and designs.

Super Screenshot: This application is also free and does not use advertisements, so it is one of the most chosen by users. In addition to taking the capture, allows you to crop the image achieved even before storing it in the memory of the mobile. You can also resize, add notes and information, and even apply filters.

Screenshot: This app also allows you to choose the storage folder and preview the capture before storing it. It is executed with the power off button and the volume (reduce) button.

Other methods to take screenshots

In addition to the use of an application that you download to your mobile, the Android system offers several integrated methods. These features are not available for all mobile models, so it is best to check them on your phone:

With the Android Stock Operating System: In this case, you can take an image of the screen by pressing the volume simultaneously and off buttons (to download), and you will see a small animation and a confirmation of the capture made.

With The Producer’s Shortcuts: Many Samsung models allow you to make screenshots by simultaneously pressing the shutdown and start (central) buttons; On some Sony models the mechanics changes and you must press the off button to open the menu with the option. You can take captures in static image and also on video (from the model Xperia Z5 onwards). This methodology is also present in many models of LG, Motorola, and HCT brands, among others.

On older models: Some old mobiles do not allow capturing, which you can try to correct by rooting the phone. This may make it somewhat more susceptible to spying and infections but will allow for downloading applications and updates that make the task easier.

Check your mobile model and these operating system functions, and if you do not have them, download a free application to capture the screen easily, for whenever you need it.



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