How to Polish a Car Headlight


Do the eyes of your vehicle look tired? It is time to polish the headlights of the car and leave them as new.

Techniques to Polish Auto Headlights
To always have the best safety at the wheel is to polish the headlights of the car and ensure proper lighting of all our roads. Also, this task will make you look much better, more stylish, and will keep the resale value of your vehicle high.

Learn easy ways to polish your car headlights like a pro, using what you probably already have at home.

Ingredients for polishing plastic headlamps

If your car headlight covers are plastic, you should learn to polish them and leave them as new with simple yet effective actions. To achieve this, you will need various elements, depending on the level of damage that the lights have suffered. Get the following:

– Detergent to wash the dishes
– Water and a bucket
– A soft microfiber or other cloth
– Low-contact adhesive tape to protect the body
– Hard foam block (or a firm sponge)
– 500, 1000 and 2000 grains sandpaper, water/wet
– Polishing paste for plastics or headlights
– Gel alcohol
– Plastic headlight seal

It works from one headlight at a time, both front and rear, as well as the upper and lower fog. Depending on the state in which they are, execute these steps to recover the damage suffered by the plastics of the lights.

Steps to polish car headlights
Cover the body around each headlight with paper tape (painter). Wash the plastic with water and detergent for the dishes, using a soft sponge. This will eliminate surface dirt and grease deposits, among others. Dry well.

Wrap a rigid sponge (or block) with sandpaper in the water of 500 grains. Check the surface of the headlight in horizontal movements, and in one direction, never in circular movements or with too much pressure. Do this until the plastic headlight of the car appears opaque and even, and soft to the touch. Then wipe with a microfiber cloth, brushing away areas that are not whitish, opaque and soft. When you are satisfied, clean it with a moistened cloth just in clean water.

The next step to polish your car’s headlights is to moisten the plastic again with water to which you have added a few drops of detergent to the dishes, and this time, pass a 1000-pound water-wet sandpaper. Turn the rigid sponge to make even pressure, again in horizontal and non-circular movements, and making sure that the headlight and sandpaper are always wet. Rinse with clean water, dry to perfection, and repeat the operation with 2000 grit sandpaper.

Then apply the polishing paste on the dry plastic headlight and distribute the entire surface with a cloth or microfiber cloth. Apply a generous coat. Already covered, review to polish with the microfiber cloth, in horizontal movements, as with sandpaper. Do it as long as you can, because the more you skip, the better the job will be.

Rinse with water and dishwashing detergent, rinsing afterward. Dry well and apply the alcohol gel with a soft cloth. Put the sealant for plastic headlights, and top with a soft dry cloth.

Finally, remove the tape, and repeat all the steps in the next plastic, to polish the headlights of your car to perfection.

How to polish your car headlights with toothpaste

A fairly simple way to polish car headlights is to use a sensational ingredient: toothpaste. To do this, work one beacon at a time, protecting the outline with paper tape. Apply an amount of toothpaste (toothpaste, better if white and not gel) and, using a soft and very moist cloth, distribute it throughout the surface.

Fleet all over your car’s headlight in small, horizontal and vertical circular motions. Apply more toothpaste as needed, and keep the cloth moist and clean, rinsing it as many times as necessary. After at least 10 minutes, rinse with a clean cloth and water, and analyze the result to see if you need to repeat the procedure, or if you can continue to the other crystal.

It will take some time to polish the headlights of the car, but it will be worth seeing the result, bright and neat, as it should be.



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