How to Polish The Car


The task of polishing the car tends to be cumbersome, but it is necessary to wear it with total shine and cleanliness.

How to polish the car without scratching

Tips to shine the car and always look bright

Polishing the car is a practice that allows us to have a much more colorful car, and in turn, we protect more paint. On the other hand, it is harder for the dust on the street to stick to the car if it is polished.

To Polish the car, first we must make sure that it is clean and completely dry.

If any dirt remains, it is not advisable to polish it as this will cause the paint to scratch.

First of all, you have to embed a clean, dry cotton cloth with a little kerosene. This will cause dust particles to come out, as well as give a good base to the wax. Also, it allows you to remove stains that with the washing did not get out completely, such as stains of sap, insects or birds.

Then we have to put the wax on another rag, with circular movements, to complete the surface of the car. When we’re done, we take another clean cloth and start polishing in the place where we start wax. We will see that the brightness begins to notice, besides that the surface will be completely smooth and soft.

In the market, they sell mittens to polish; it is an excellent option that can facilitate the task.

While this is a job that can tire the arms, we will achieve a good result, as well as prolong the car wash. Some of the laundries also offer this service, but it has a separate cost and many times it is not justified as we can do it ourselves.

It is not necessary to Polish the car whenever we wash since we could abrade the paint. It is advisable to do it about once every two months.

This task has residual effects, if we do it periodically, we will notice that it improves the appearance of our car.

To clean the interior of the car, we will use liquid silicone. This product was also sold in supermarkets, there are different brands and comes in a spray or aerosol containers.

To use it, we must put some spray on a cloth and pass through the plastic parts of the car interior. In addition to being clean and bright, will leave scented throughout the interior of the vehicle.




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