How to Prepare The Car For Travel

Subaru Outback on Traveling

The maintenance of the vehicle is a very important aspect of reducing to a minimum the possibilities of damages and also to avoid accidents.

How to prepare the car for travel

It is necessary to periodically check the car following the manufacturer’s instructions to keep it in good condition and avoid surprises.

Before a trip of long distance, it is advisable to deepen the inspection and to review or to make check several critical points of the vehicle.

Here are some basic aspects to check in the car before you travel to ensure the good behavior of your vehicle:

  • Check the condition and pressure of the tires according to the specifications in the manual. This affects the behavior of the car in curves and braking, consumption and wear.
  • Check the condition of the suspensions, exhaust pipe fittings, helmet protectors and ball joints, as well as the alternator belt and water pump.
  • Check the levels of the following liquids:
    Engine oil: Check the level with the dipstick. With a rag, do the operation with the car leveled and the engine cold. It should never be below the minimum. If necessary add until complete without reaching the maximum.
    Battery: Check the levels of the battery cups and add distilled water if the liquid does not completely cover the plates. The contact terminals must be clean, protected with petroleum jelly or grease and tightly screwed. There are maintenance-free batteries for checking the electrolyte liquid level.
    Cooling: Check the liquid level of the cooling system by observing the expansion or recovery vessel with the cold engine. The level must be between the minimum and the maximum that is ALWAYS indicated in the glass; NEVER be filled at all. If you are about to make a long trip, it is highly recommended to bring a bottle with coolant.
    Fluid brakes: Also on the deposit has indicated a level of minimum and maximum, should be almost full
  • The level of the lubricant of the gearbox and also of the differential if the car owns one. These checks must be carried out in a specialized workshop or lubrication center.
  • The Distribution Belt is a vital element of the engine, it must be replaced when the time or mileage specified by the manufacturer is met, whichever comes first.
  • If the possibility of traveling at night is important to check the alignment of the lights of the headlights and correct it if necessary.

If the car maintenance program (indicated in the manual and provided by the manufacturer) indicates that a component of the vehicle must be replaced, checked or adjusted when meeting a mileage that will be reached during the voyage, it must be replaced, revised or adjusted before From trip.

Also, it is advisable to check the air filter if this dirty will increase the consumption of gasoline of the car and on a long trip, the difference can be greater to the value of the filter.


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