How to Prevent Foot Pain When Using Heels


Do you want to avoid blisters on your feet when you wear tight, new and hard heels ?. Here we tell you some methods to achieve it, without ruining your favorite shoes!

Tips to Prevent Heels from Damaging Feet

You buy a loaf of sparkling sensational shoes, but as soon as you begin to dress, you fear to wear them, for you know that the consequence is the pain of feet for wearing heels. And to top it off, wearing them is the only way to mold them to the shape of your feet. What can be the solution to this inconvenience so prevalent in our lives ?. Well, here we give you not only an answer but also some simple methods!


What to do if your heels hurt your feet?

If the pain is due to the use of heels, apply the most appropriate solutions in each case. For example, if your footwear has strips, ribbons, adjustments, zippers, or other heel scrapes, just be sure to insulate the area with a bandage, a medical dressing, or even a little gauze with tape to prevent rubbing.

If the sole is too hard and your foot pads hurt, it will be enough to use a half-mask or a silicone pad. These are placed or adhere between the foot and the hard sole, creating a padded surface that prevents pain, tiredness, and also blisters.

And finally, if the problem were the blisters on the sole by rubbing, just apply a little deodorant (the ball is great), to create a kind of adhesive that prevents your foot from moving too much, thus reducing The chances of developing blisters and injuries. Another option is to use powdered talc.

How to soften new heels

Before you put on a pair of new heels, you need to “soften” them, so they are taking the shape of your feet. Surely wearing them is the best way, but this often causes blisters and problems of all kinds. Here are 5 other ways to shape your heels at your feet, without pain:

Alcohol . Put medicinal alcohol in a small spray bottle, and spray the inside of your shoes. It fills very well with balls of crumpled newspaper, and leaves it all night, to stretch and soften the material.

Ice packs. Fill water-tight zip-up bags, and tuck them into your new heels. Put them in the freezer (inside a larger bag if you want) and leave it all night. The water, when frozen, expands and thereby stretches the leather and fabric materials.

Moisturizing cream. For real leather heels (skin), moisturizer can help. Just smear your feet with cream and put on your heels or boots, to “unclear them” from the inside easily. This will naturally soften the leather, shaping it according to the shape.

Heat. Wear new heels with thick socks (natural, non-synthetic material) and apply heat with the hair dryer in the hardest and most sensitive areas. Walk around the house until the shoes cool down.

Wear thick socks. This will isolate your feet from rubbing while stretching your heels, but do it at home, and when no one sees you!

With these simple techniques, you can soften your shoes and use them with much more comfort. So, the pain in your feet for wearing new heels will be a thing of the past, and you will look luxurious, walking and dancing for hours!


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