How to Protect Your Phone From Water


Our smartphone has become an extension of ourselves, is an essential part of our day to day and is also the simplest way to keep in touch with our environment. That is why when we leave it at home or when it suffers some accident we feel desperate We want to recover it at all costs! And certainly, a dramatic situation is when the mobile ends up submerged in water from the pool, the sea or the toilet, which immediately puts us to run to recover and prevent severe damage. To prevent these episodes to the maximum, in Uptodatetrend we give some basic tips to you to discover how to protect the mobile phone from the water and guarantee its maximum duration.

How to Protect Your Phone From Water

How to protect the mobile phone from the water

1. Many of the phones that have recently been released on the market have the functionality of being waterproof. But be very careful with this function, because you must be clear the indications of the manufacturer to know in which cases it is convenient to do it and in which not.

The first thing to know is that waterproof always refers to fresh water without chemicals, i.e., if your mobile is immersed in sea water even when it is supposed to be waterproof, there is a high possibility that it will suffer some damage. The water with nitrate will penetrate the device so it can severely affect it. In this case better regret than prevent, keep your mobile away from the sea.

Check the manual of your mobile and in a case of being waterproof see how long it can last submerged and how deep. In most cases, this functionality protects your device from accidents such as a fall in the toilet or someone accidentally pouring water over it.

2. Many of the tips to protect the mobile phone from water are, for some, quite clear, but nevertheless, they are clear and useful recommendations on how to avoid accidents that end the life of our smartphone.

To start, and if you want to have your device well protected, it is best to purchase a waterproof case to keep you away from accidents. Although the same are more expensive than the standard covers, it is a great alternative and a good investment, especially if you have paid a significant amount of money for your device. These covers protect you in addition to other factors that can cause damage, such as heat or sand.

3. If you are not willing to pay extra for a cover, then there is a cheaper alternative to protect your mobile from the water when you go to the beach, the pool, get on a boat, etc. These are airtight plastic bags, for sale at any supermarket, and they allow you to have your device well guarded in your backpack or bag during the days of fun.

Although it is an economical option, you should know that this does not protect you from factors such as heat or sand and that it will not be possible to use your mobile while in the bag, so you should also remove it if you want to use it, running a Small risk. Nevertheless, it is a good alternative for those who travel more to this type of environment.

4. We have two clear solutions to protect the mobile phone from water: waterproof covers and airtight bags, despite some common sense recommendations, are never too much, so if you want to avoid accidents on we suggest:
  • Avoid getting your mobile phone for a walk to the beach or the pool, to protect it well to avoid accidents and not to recklessness like to place your bag and towel very close to the shore of the beach, to take the sun on a breakwater in which any wave Suddenly can soak your belongings or immerse yourself in the water with the device to take a photo, which can end very bad.
  • Never, ever, ever, use the toilet with your cell phone in the back pocket of your pants. There is a lot of chances that it will end up submerged and if the bathroom is public, you will have a very bad time.
  • If you are in the habit of taking your mobile to the bathroom, always leave it in a safe place where you can not get wet.
  • Do not put your cell phone to the table where you eat, not only because it is very rude to watch your device during a meal with friends or family, but because anyone can spill liquid on the table and make your device soaked.

Remember, prevention is better than regret.


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