How to Relieve or Cure Nasal Congestion with Natural Remedies


All the winters were accompanied by colds and annoying congestions, which prevent us from breathing comfortably because we are full of mucus.

How to Relieve or Cure Nasal Congestion

Natural Remedies for Nasal Congestion

Cooling brings us as a consequence a congestion of the nasal passages, which prevents us from breathing with tranquility, and therefore prevents us from conciliating a quiet sleep, talking, eating and less than less, try to perform some physical activity even if moderate.

On more than one occasion, we resist consuming decongestants, because it usually causes us much sleep, drowsiness and even tachycardia. But the naturist medicine has provided us with certain plants that are very beneficial when it comes to decongesting naturally, and without chemicals in between.

Next, we will give you some examples of plants very well known by all of us and that help very effectively to decongest us and allow us to breathe normally.

How to relieve or cure nasal congestion with natural remedies

  • Eucalyptus :
    This plant with aromatic and penetrating leaves possesses properties that allows opening the bronchi and facilitate breathing and expulsion of phlegm and accumulated mucus. To do this you have to put the leaves in a pot and let them boil for a few minutes, then cover the head with a towel and place on top of the pot (careful not to burn with steam), and inspire their vapors. The infusion can be heated as often as desired; the result is almost immediate.
  • Chamomile :
    Very pleasant aroma, used in the same way as eucalyptus. In both cases, it is essential to inhale hot steam to achieve decongestion and stimulate secretion.
  • Garlic and Onion:
    Yes, although many do not imagine it, both garlic and onion are excellent decongestants. The strong aroma that gives off each of these plants decongests and loosen the mucus present. In some cases, and if we support it, it is usually recommended to chew a clove of garlic directly.

“A natural remedy for nasal congestion is onion, nothing better than cutting half an onion, and placing it on the table of light every night before sleeping, that way will act as decongestive all night, and will allow us a good sleep. “

In the case of onion, nothing better than cutting half an onion and placing it on the table of light every night before sleeping, that way will act as a decongestant all night and allow us a peaceful sleep.

Natural remedies, simple, economical and which will enable us to overcome the annoying colds with greater comfort relieving the nasal congestion.


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