How to Remove Advertising on Android


Advertising in games and applications is the price we must pay to have a free product, but here we tell you a trick to removing ads on Android without having to download anything.

How to Remove Advertising on Android

How to Delete Ads on Your Mobile

The most immediate solution to remove advertising on Android is acquiring the payment version of the game or application you are using. This is the requirement that most free services ask users to remove pop-ups, banners, and videos.

Of course, there are those who consider that paying to remove the advertising that jumps on the screen of the mobile is too unfair. However, many developing companies generate their profits thanks to these ads. There are popular games like My Talking Tom that offer coins for each advertising video, making more interesting the offer of the ads in the smartphone. The problem is that not everyone uses the same method.

Advertising not only ruins the browsing experience, but it was also plagued with links that we can accidentally open (and often happen at the time of greatest concentration). In short, we have to do something to stop ads in games and applications.

Method to eliminate advertising on Android

If you’re sick of annoying advertising on your mobile, then we invite you to try this simple trick that you can use at any time without the need to install any additional application or jailbreak.

Basically, what we are going to do is to change the configuration of our mobile from the section of adjustments in Android, or acceding to the Center of Control of iOS. These are the steps:

1. Enter the Settings (or Settings in English), and look for the “More” section.

2. Search for “Airplane Mode” and active. You can also do it directly from the Control Center on iOS, or by double-tapping your finger down from the Android desktop.

3. Now you just have to go to the application or game to check that the advertising will have disappeared by magic.

Remember that activating the wireless functions temporarily blocked to connect to the Internet and other equipment “Airplane Mode”. You will not be able to make or receive calls. Once you finish navigating the application, repeat the steps and disable the function to re-count your WiFi connection or data packet. That is all!

Method 2 to Remove Ads on Android

It is likely that trying to do step by step you face new problems because most applications depend on the Internet connection to load windows, alerts, pop-ups and banners.

Do not worry; we still have a solution for this situation. Here’s what you should do:

  • Navigate a couple of minutes for the application or game in question.
  • Without closing it, repeat the step by step by activating “Airplane Mode” on your mobile.
  • Now you’ll see that ads in games and apps no longer appear on your screen.

What did we do? When running the application, we have loaded enough data to start the game in real time. That’s why, when we activate the “Airplane Mode,” the ads are suspended, and the process of the game is still running.

Yes, sometimes this procedure may not be 100% successful, but at least we already have a trick to remove ads on Android or iOS. Test it!


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