How to Remove Stain in Leather Upholstery


Let’s see how to remove the stains on the leather, and with which to treat it to facilitate the removal of future blemishes.

How to Remove Stain in Leather Upholstery

Tips for removing stains on leather upholstery

If you need to remove the stains on leather upholstery try to use a cleansing cream for the face. In this way, besides obtaining an excellent result, you will nourish the leather.

When you try to prevent stains from penetrating the leather, it is advisable to use some anti-stain treatment with some commercial product or regularly apply a thin layer of colorless wax to waterproof it to make it easier to remove stains on the leather upholstery.

For stains with liquids proceed quickly to absorb with a paper napkin as much as you can, then wait for the rest to dry and apply the cleansing cream.

To remove mud stains on the leather, it is best to let it dry and then brush it vigorously until it disappears. With a vacuum cleaner, pick up the remaining mud residue after cleaning.


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