How to Remove Termites from Wood


We give you some home treatments to eliminate termites before they cause irreparable damage to the wood.

How to Remove Termites from Wood

What are Termites?

Termites are the common name given to neopterous insects, also called comtemen, termen, turiros and white ants (although they have no relation to ants). Most termites live in humid tropical climates and feed on the cellulose contained in the wood.

Termites can become a difficult pest to handle, as they have a high rate of reproduction (they can make colonies of up to 3 million individuals) and build canals within the wood. If they are not stopped in time, they can eat the whole basis of a house or destroy a piece of furniture.

How to get rid of termites

The most common way to eliminate termites is using chemical treatments, to avoid their advance towards the wood. Although this treatment is usually efficient, termites often return after a time.

In addition, these chemicals are often toxic, quite abrasive and expensive, so some people prefer to find a more natural way to eliminate this pest. The natural predators of termites are ants.

There is a natural treatment to eliminate the termites that consist of liquefying banana, then to put it in some slit of the furniture, floor or wall of wood, with the aim that the ants approach. Thus, nature continues its natural course, and the termite plague disappears.

After a while, the banana strokes are cleaned to prevent the ants from staying in place.

How to avoid termites in wood

By way of prevention, you can also heal the wood to avoid the ends. This is done with special oils such as Neem oil, or sealants that make the wood more resistant to the attack of termites.

Other natural remedies like tobacco (maceration of cigars in water for a few days and then using that water to kill the eggs), only serve when the pest is identified in the early stages.


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