How To Remove The Snow Of The Car In 5 Seconds


During the winter one of the nightmares of the drivers is having to remove the ice from the windows or the car doors.

With consequences that we can imagine: because if the ice on the windshield or the windows we can not drive, due to lack of visibility, with the ice in the doors, the situation is even more complicated, since we can not even ride in The car, because the entire body of the vehicle is blocked. It is worthwhile, then, to look at some tricks and tips to avoid facing these problems.

How To Remove The Snow Of The Car In 5 Seconds

A traditional remedy is to place newspaper sheets, anti-ice awnings or simple blankets to cover the entire car.

It has to be said that, recently, a growing number of car manufacturers have started to offer, among optional, the thermal windshield, which functions exactly like the defroster of the rear windshield: inside the glass there are fairly small resistances, which in a few Few seconds produce heat and ensure uniform and homogeneous heating, so that the ice melts in seconds.

Not always, however, we have the possibility to use a car with a thermal windshield or, more simply, to park the vehicle itself in a garage or a parking lot. And we have to know that the ice can be formed even when the car is parked in a covered but outdoor parking, or even in a parking that is not well insulated.

So there is no other solution than putting it to work and start scraping with a scraper. Unless we do not find alternative solutions, more comfortable and more effective, but above all able to help us in a short time.

How can we remove the snow from the car in a short time? And How can we remove the ice from the windshield in winter?

There are many solutions, but the most immediate and effective are the use of alcohol: it is necessary, in fact, to create a solution composed of two parts of alcohol and a part of vinegar that we have to spray on icy surfaces. Second, you will notice that the ice melts and you can drive without problems.

For motorists, in short, ice in the car is a constant problem and often difficult to solve. Another homemade solution is composed of a part of water and three parts of cooking vinegar: this mixture does not serve, however, to melt ice or snow, but must be sprayed preventively to avoid formation.

We just have to spray it on the windshield, the windows, the mirrors and the rear window, and then distribute evenly with the help of a dry cloth, so we are sure not to find a layer of ice, impossible to remove. Even on colder, wetter days, the most we can find is a small layer that can easily remove.

The important thing, in any case, is never to use hot water to remove the snow or the ice that is deposited in the car: if we used this method, in fact, would create a thermal shock, caused by the heat of the liquid in the icy surfaces , Which would have detrimental effects on the windshield, which could be cracked or broken, as well as the windscreen wipers .
It should not be forgotten, then, that the water that is sprayed in the car, if not combined with vinegar or alcohol, in the presence of very low temperatures can, in turn, freeze, creating layers of ice.


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