How to Serve and Eat Caviar


Caviar is a delicate product that we rarely have the opportunity to taste. In this note, we tell you some details about how to eat and serve this delicacy.

How to serve and eat caviar

Tips for serving and eating caviar

Caviar is one of the most exquisite snacks in the world. Formerly, it was destined only to the royalty. To serve and eat, there is a label that is important to know, to know how to handle this exquisite delicacy.

How to serve caviar

  • Any caviar by which we choose should be served alone, cold and in a glass container and with ice in its base, which will be used to keep the product fresh.
  • It is not recommended to place it in metal containers, even silverware because caviar can take on a slight metallic taste due to a little oxidation that occurs in this food when in contact with certain metals.
  • While the best container is glass, it can also be used in other material sources, such as wood, bone or PVC.
  • Under no circumstances should the caviar be crushed, and should always be softly placed on the toast, biscuit or slice of bread. Spread as if it were a pâté.

“When serving the caviar, it is not recommended to place it in metal containers, because it may take a slight metallic taste, due to a small oxidation that occurs in this food when in contact with certain metals.

How to eat caviar

  • To eating the caviar, the most traditional and widespread form of the world is to do something crisp, never white (toast, biscuit or bread). This accompaniment should not contain salt so as not to interfere with the original flavor of the caviar.
  • Some accompany it with biscuits with a base of margarine, while others, a little more daring, add some slices of lemon, sour cream, and finely chopped egg or onion.
  • But in disagreement with the previous ones, some tasters of caviar say that these accompaniments only are acceptable in the products of low quality.
  • The best drink when enjoying caviar is champagne or cava. Likewise, it can be combined with other types of drinks served as appetizers.
  • Due to its strong flavor, potency and price, it is not advisable to abuse the amount of caviar consumed. When serving as an appetizer (which is the most common way to consume), it is estimated to be about 50 grams. Per person, something like 2 or 3 teaspoons.
  • According to those who know more about caviar, this will be good or of quality when it is not very salty or has too much fishy flavor. It should be very round, but not too large. These balls should be whole and shiny.


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