How to Take Care of The Car


Learn how to take care of the car like a professional with this easy guide and without great expenses.

Car Care Guide

Gone are the days when someone else (dad, probably) was the one who took care of the car to always have it in its best state. It’s your responsibility now, and unless you want to risk yourself being damaged or damaged, or wanting to spend a fortune on expensive agency services, you must learn the steps to give your car a good maintenance.

A simple list to take care of the car

Make a list of what you should do following these tips below. Take it in the parasol, or leave it in a visible place. You can take advantage of the agendas and reminders of your mobile to remind you to check the list once a week or every 15 days, and so always be sure to fulfill all the care that your car deserves and needs to work perfectly.

  • Every 15 days, check the oil, water, coolant and any fluid levels, especially if you notice leaks or losses under the engine in the garage.
  • Check the level or air pressure in the wheels once a week, including the spare.
  • Verifica el funcionamiento de todas las luces, guiños, balizas y anti-nieblas una vez por semana, sólo para estar seguro. Para hacerlo, simplemente siéntate en el coche dentro del garaje y enciende uno a uno los circuitos, observando los reflejos de las luces en los muros.
  • Wash the car once a week, taking advantage of your free time. Especially if you park it outdoors or if you live in a city with arid or maritime climate. Use covers if you leave it in the sun or the open, and do not let it dirt (especially birds) settle in the paint for more than a few hours.
  • Once a week or every 15 days, vacuum and clean the interior completely. If you can, use blankets for upholstery, to keep the resale value high for future, and have the car always flawless and comfortable.
  • Before the start of the cold season, be sure to replace or complete antifreeze system fluids and brushes, check that you carry the tire chains in the storage bin (or place snow tires if you need them), and before the season Heat, check that you carry the portable sunshade and the cover, to take care of the car from excessive exposure to the sun’s rays.

Guide to car care, according to mileage

Follow these easy recommendations if you have forgotten to make regular checks, to take care of the car with great efficiency according to the kilometers traveled:

  • Every 5000 to 7500 miles (8000 to 12000 kilometers) you must make a change of oil and filters (air, oil, and fuel). This will keep the engine well lubricated, running smoothly. It uses products of good quality since it is an expense that you will do from time to time and will not affect your budget.
  • Every 15,000 miles   (24,000 kilometers) check the antifreeze fluid
  • Every 30,000 miles (48,000 kilometers), check the spark plugs of the car and replace them every 60,000 miles or approximately 96,000 kilometers.
  • Every 30,000 miles (48,000 kilometers), or once a year, checks or reconditions the battery.

Remember to park the vesicular responsibly if you will not use it for some time, that is: clean, covered, with gasoline in the tank and the battery disconnected, or connected but giving it start every other day for a few minutes. Taking care of the car will be very easy when you follow these useful practical tips.


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