How to Update Android in your Mobile


If you do not want to wait to have the latest version of Android, here are some methods to update it on your mobile.

Methods to update Android

There are many reasons to encourage you to update Android on your mobile, whether it is the security improvements included in the new versions or the possibility of installing thousands of compatible applications.

As time goes by, Google’s mobile systems are revamping their service for a more interactive experience. The same applies to the applications we use on the smartphone, offering updates to fit the main interface of the system.

It is true that to install an Android update we must wait until there is an official version compatible with our model of the terminal, but until that happens can be a long time. To avoid the long waits, here is a list of the best methods to update it.

Update an Android phone via OTA

OTA (On The Air) is the fastest and easiest way to upgrade an Android smartphone or tablet. Just go to the “Settings” system, search the “About the device” tab, choose the “Software Update” option, and finally select “Update now.”

Immediately, the system will check if there is a new version available for installation on the computer. If so, you have to accept the download and connect your device to the power. What comes next is the installation of the operating system, including several reboots of the terminal until the process completed.

Update Android on a Samsung mobile

While the first method is most recommended, most manufacturers are slow to launch a compatible version. In these cases, it is preferable to go to the manufacturer’s website and manually download the update.

For example, if we have a smartphone of the Galaxy Note family, we must enter the Samsung page and look for the latest update for the model of our phone.

Once the download was successful, we have to install the program Kies, a Samsung application that is responsible for managing the installation of the new update quickly.

Update Android by routing

This is another method to update Android on your smartphone. To do this, you have to access the root of the operating system, rooetando the device and to make a series of modifications. When you robotic a terminal you can install all versions of Android you want (as long as the hardware of your computer allows).

To rootear an Android phone you must resort to a special program, and the best software to do so is Kingo Android Root, available totally free for Windows users. But before doing the process you must create a backup or backup of all your files. Remember that we are talking about a force majeure measure so your device is not outdated.

With these three methods, it is possible to update an Android mobile in a matter of minutes Good luck!


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