How to Wash Your Car


Washing the car at home is a good option, but to be impeccable and without risk of scratching it, you have to consider some tips.

How to Wash Your Car

Tips to wash your car

Car paint is used to give a good look outside the vehicle, the better of the painting quality will give the better acceptance of the car visually.

When exposed to multiple factors, painting is one of the parts of the car that can suffer more damage.

To begin with your care, it is very important a good wash that not only removes dirt that can corrode the paint and cause the formation of rust, but also protect it, especially by applying polishes, waxing or polishing.

To make the painting of our car always look bright and well maintained, when washing the vehicle it is advisable to remember some aspects:

How to wash the car

  • It is best to wash the car regularly, to avoid deterioration of the paint.
  • If the car is very dirty or with a lot of dirt or dust, do not try to clean it with a dry cloth.
  • To wash it, nothing better than abundant water and with a cloth, sponge or brush of very soft bristles. We can leave the water for a few moments to soften the dirt before passing the rag or brush.
  • First, wash the tires and fenders as they usually collect more dirt. Then start with the bodywork, top to bottom.

If you have used any car-specific shampoo when washing, rinse with plenty of clean water and a clean brush.

To dry it, opt for another soft cotton cloth or suede.

  • If desired, in the end, and when it is dry, you can apply a coat of Polish. This single task must be done about a 3 or 4 times a year, while the polishing must be done 1 time per year.
  • Both washing and drying, polishing and grinding are tasks that must always be carried out in the shade, as the sun heats the veneer accelerating the drying process and can cause veining on the paint.

Note: Do not forget that the parts where dirt accumulates are oxidized more quickly and easily.



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